Best 10 Android Games in 2016

There are hardly fond any android phone which has no video games. There are many android users who are very fascinated with the games. For those game loving people we bring this post. We hope the entire games lover and the android users will love this post very much. Here is the list of Best 10 Android Games in 2016. Let’s have a look.

1. Walking Dead (Road to Survival): Inspired by the comic series of the same name, this thrilling game will provide you an unparalleled role-playing experience. You can customize your team of survivors and your decisions will be the true game-changer. So, are you courageous enough to fight against the evil governor in Woodbury?

2. FIFA 16: Are you an avid football fan who just can’t get enough of watching the tournaments? Well, why not role-play your favorite player in this FIFA 16 game. From Lionel Messi, Juan Cuadrado to Jordan Henderson, you can create your own fabulous team and play like a rockstar. With stunning graphics, gaming was never this good before.

3. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes: If you are a ‘Star Wars’ fan, then this game is for keeps, but if you are not, then you should definitely try this game once. Build your team with some epic characters like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker among others, and create some great strategies to conquer your rivals in the battle. The best part is you can unlock new characters, from the recent ‘Star Wars.

4. World’s Hardest Escape Game: As the name of this game suggests, the levels ARE difficult to pass. With 20 different locations, tricky puzzles and creative brain teasers, this game will make you scratch your head while keeping you glued to your mobile phone at same time.

5. Guardian Hunter: This game is about hunting down all the monsters and turning them into ‘guardians’. So, become a guardian hunter and set out on a journey to explore the different skills and powers of guardians, fight various battles and learn the monster attacks to defeat them in battle.

6. Criminal Case: Discover the detective in you with this classic hidden objects game. Investigating crime scenes, finding, examining clues, interrogating witnesses, suspects and much more; if all this excites you, then this game is perfect for you.

7. Crazy Taxi City Rush: Car driving games usually have this unsaid rule that driving properly will win you points and hitting another car or rash driving will reduce points. But ever heard of any game that gives you higher rewards if you drive like crazy? Well, this game asks you to drop passengers at any cost and as soon as you can.

8. Badland: An award-winning game, this game can easily make into the list of must-play games due to its mesmerizing graphics and stunning visuals alone. Set in a beautiful yet mysterious forest full of a variety of inhabitants, this atmospheric side-scrolling action adventure takes you through the numerous imaginative traps and hurdles in a forest.

9. Traffic Rider: Developed by Soner Kara, this game has an old-school charm to it, just like we used to play bike games in our younger years. But only this time we have amazing visuals that make it seem life-like. With as many as 20 bikes to choose from and with real-life recorded bike sounds, this will make your gaming experience richer.

10. Word Brain: This game might seem to be easy, but honestly, it can give a hard time to even the biggest word game buffs. In fact, this game has 15 languages and every language has 580 levels. All you need to do is find the hidden word, then slide your finger over them to complete the word but you have to do in a correct way or else the puzzle won’t get solved.

All these games are so exciting and to rated. If you don’t have any then go to the play store and download those. These will be a new experience of gaming.

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