Best 10 iPhone/iPad Apps in 2015

iphone and ipad is the number one brand of smart phone and tab world. This is the unique product. This unique gadget has a unique pattern among all the smart hone and tabs. Here we are going to tell you about the best 10 iphone/ipad apps in 2015. We think all of the iphone and ipad user are familier with this apps.

1. PaintCan: It is one of the best iphone apps and also so popular among the iphone and ipad user. PaintCan, a dedicated painting app for iPad and iphone is targeted to creatively inclined non-artists who have neither the time nor the skill to express them through painting. These can be applied automatically via presets or you can choose brushstrokes from the manual menu.

2. Darkroom: It also doesn’t require you to manually add photos to the library every time you take them. Darkroom comes with image filters, but its advanced controls, like direct editing of RGB curves (in-app purchase required) and an advanced history mode, reveal its true strengths.

3. Astropad: This is a photo editinf app for iphone and ipad. Astropad for iPad literally mirrors your Mac desktop via Wi-Fi or USB, letting you sync your iPad’s drawing or painting app directly with your Mac. Astropad works with several popular brands of pressure-sensitive pens to create a pro-level drawing tablet for illustration, sketching, painting and photo editing.

4. Nutshell: Nutshell is an iPhone app that turns your photos into mini-movies. Just snap three photos with Nutshell, and it will animate them into a sequence.

5. Alto’s Adventure: While we tend to concentrate on productivity and creativity, occasionally a game will catch our eye. The controls are easy tap to jump, tap and hold for back flips.

6. Pop: Pop makes having an expressive conversations via video as easy as sending a text message. Pop’s messages can last up to five seconds and be replayed as many times as you like.

7. Forge: Instead of creating yet another sketch app, Adonit has positioned Forge as a visual brainstorming tool to help creative folk with the design process. Stack and layer drafts, focus in on a single iteration and then survey all your drafts on a wall.

8. Dull: When life gets dull, Dull can make it interesting again. The app lets you subscribe to, and endlessly scroll through, streams of interesting stuff like animated GIFs, news stories, funny videos and music.

9. Tworlds: Tworlds is a free iPhone app that connects people in disparate locations who are doing or thinking about the same thing at the same time, and recording that thought with the device’s camera.

10. Vurb: Vurb is a handy search tool that aims to consolidate, simplify and make a multitude of disparate results easy to summarize in an easy-to-view card interface. Easily shared cards not only remove lists of links, but prevent you from having to switch between apps for bits of information.

If you are an iphone user then you should have the experience of this as. Those are really a very attractive apps and also very easy to run. If you have none of them then go to app store and download this app and use it.

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