Best 10 Upcoming Smart Phones in 2016

If you have a Smartphone then the whole world is in your hand. We cannot think our daily life without a smart phone. This is the main connecting device of our daily life. If you have a smart phone then you have no need to carry any things. Here we are going to tell you about best 10 upcoming smart phones in 2016. Let’s have a look.

1. LG G5: This LG phone is ready to face the big bird opponent product. LG G4 is just now advancing towards store racks, however that not the slightest bit implies that the organization is not working diligently on the successor. Expecting to one-up opponents in the biometrics division now the finger print scanner is turning into a standard component, the G5 is said to convey iris recognition to the table.

2. Samsung Galaxy S7: This is the most desired smart phone in 2016. The smart phone giant Samsung is almost ready to lounge it.  Samsung galaxy S7 will be the next best Smartphone from Samsung. After Launching the S6 and S6 edge, Samsung is thinking about the new innovation for the upcoming Galaxy S7 Device. However there is no confirmed Release date of the device, but it seems as it may announced in Mobile World Congress 2016 Feb or March.

3. Xiaomi Mi 6: Xiaomi Mi 6, people expect much more from Xiaomi Smartphone’s, As we all know that Xiaomi is the brand which is pretty famous for its Cheap, budget, high-end Smartphone as we have previously seen a lot of them. The people just expect some uniqueness from the upcoming series, but from our point of view Xiaomi will be making flagship killer this time, and will do something out of the box with this device.

4. Apple iPhone 7: After Unveiling the Iphone 6s and iPhone 6s plus, now the Apple is looking for its next flagship in 2016. We all know how much people have crazyness towards the apple devices. The Recent launched 6s series is already booming in the market. So now the wait for the next device Apple iPhone 7 has been already started, people always expects something more and high-end from upcoming iphones series Smartphones, 2016 is the destination where expectancy will be over this time.

5. Microsoft Lumia 940 & 940 XL: In 2016 Microsoft lumia is also in the race. For last 3 years the lumai seris is almost out of the race. This smart phone will bring the brand into the race. Since a large portion of the biggest phone makers on the planet have revealed their new leads, Microsoft is supposed to be underway of an extreme Android contender. Best New Upcoming Smartphone and The most expected Lumia 940 may at long last come into light after the Windows 10 for Smartphone was recently launched.

6. Sony Xperia Z6: The Phone will be the successor to the Z5, The Sony Xperia Z6 smartphone will be Extremely powerful. And Sony will try hard to make the phone best from all the future existing players in the market. The Best Upcoming Smartphone will come in various variants as per the new rumours like Sony Xperia Z6 other variant Sony Xperia Z6 Compact and also the Sony Xperia Z6 Ultra.

7. Nokia C1: After dispatching its first Android tablet in November, the Nokia N1, the Nokia brand is currently reputed to be taking a shot on a Android 5.0 Lollipop-based phone called Nokia C1. On the off chance that the gossip is genuine and phone is discharged as the Nokia C1, the firm would be rupturing the Microsoft agreement. The people are just waiting for Best Nokia’s Upcoming Smartphone in 2016.

8. Samsung Galaxy Note 6: The Samsung Galaxy note 6 will expected to arrive in a couple of months after the standard Samsung Galaxy S7, maybe in August or september 2016. But we can now clearly say that this device will not come with a Edge body, this time Samsung does not want to bore the geeks with the same technology,  now we can expect some flexible display, or something extra thin body just like 4.5 mm. In 2016 we would welcome more edge devices from other companies too.

9. HTC M10: HTC M10 will be the successor to M9, as we know that HTC is well known for high-end and premium smartphones. Upcoming smartphone HTC M10 will be the best from all the series. HTC will surely use its most advanced technology in the device to make it world famous, as we have seen previous HTC M9 which is very much disappointing with its design, this will be not repeated again, yes this time we can expect more innovative design from M10.

10. ASUS Z1 Titan: As previously we have seen that the Asus had surprised us with its 4GB RAM smartphone in 2015 named as Asus zenfone 2, when others were busy in making 3GB RAM handsets, the main key point of its smartphones are, that they will come with the reasonable price tag. As we look into the leaks and rumours, this time also Asus is busy in making some beast smartphone in the garage named as The ASUS Z1 Titan which will cost around $400.

These are the best phones coming on the market in 2016. There are some news about the Nokia 3310 classic and Nokia 1100 relaunching. If that happens then there is nothing we can say because those are legendary among feature phones ever launched and they are still too popular among the users.

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