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Top 10 Hiking Boots

Men's Fugitive GTX Hiking Suede Boot

The equipment required for hiking depends on the length of the hike, but day hikers generally carry at least water, food, a map, and rain-proof gear. Hikers usually wear sturdy hiking boots for mountain walking and backpacking, as protection from the rough terrain, as well as providing increased stability. Hiking boots is a must needed matter for any kind of ... Read More »

Top 10 Hiking Knives

Assisted Opening Folding Knife

Hiking is great way to spend a day outdoors and a rewarding way to get exercise. However, before heading out on the trails, make sure you are prepared. Never take a quick look at a hike description in a book or on a site like this and just head out into the woods, no matter how easy the hike may ... Read More »

Top 10 Hiking Bags

Makino Outdoor Travel Climbing Backpack

The idea of undertaking a walk through the country side for pleasure developed in the 18th-century, and arose because of changing attitudes to the landscape and nature, associated with the Romantic moment. In earlier times walking generally indicated poverty and was also associated with vagrancy. For hiking you have to arrange a perfect hiking bag. Here is the Top 10 ... Read More »


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