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Top 10 List for Choosing Your Car


1. Toyota Camry: The topper of the Top 10 List for choosing your car is the Toyota Camry. It has a reputation for its reliability, safety and quality while also offering space, power and fuel efficiency. The fuel economy is 33 mpg on the highway and 22 mpg in the city. It is a front-wheel drive and four-door sedan with …

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Top 10 List of Best Sold Cars


We have discussed about the Top 10 List of fastest cars, most expensive cars, sports cars, car tips etc. Now we will discuss about the best sold cars ever. Many people are eager to know which the best sold cars are. Here is the Top 10 List of best sold cars. 1. Toyota Corolla: This is the most popular and …

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Top 10 List of Best Sold Cars in USA


In this Top 10 List will show you the best sold cars in USA. To the car manufacturers of the world, USA is one of the most important markets. It is a common targeted market for all car manufacturers. Now here is the Top 10 List of Best Sold Cars in USA. 1. Ford F-150: This car is the top …

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Top 10 List of Most Fuel Efficient Car


1. Toyota Prius: In the Top 10 List of most fuel efficient car we keep Toyota Prius in the 1st place. Its combined MG is about 46.the engine capacity of this engine is1.5-liter I4 gas/electric. The annual fuel cost of this car is about $1,304 and f you use the gasoline then it will $450. It is a Hybrid car. …

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