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Top 10 List of Oil Producing Countries


In the Top 10 List we tall you about different matters of events. Now we tell you about the Top 10 List of oil producing country. In Top 10 List of oil producing countering we try to make a list of then with a few and true information. We hope that it will help you to extend your knowledge. 1. …

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Top 10 List of Car Manufacturing Countries


1. China: Science 2009, China is the biggest car manufacturing country in the world. Automobile industry in China has been developing rapidly science 1990s. In 2009, 13.79 million automobiles are produced in China, of which passenger cars are 8 million and commercial vehicles were 3.41. Among the automobile produced, local brand produced 44.3% and the joint ventures along with foreign …

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Top 10 List of Tourist Attractive Countries


1. France: In our Top 10 List of tourist attractive countries we keep the name of France in the first position. France is called the store house of art. It is European country. Its capital Paris is the main attraction. In this country about 60000000 are living. France attracts about 80 million people every year. The travel agents of France …

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