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Top 10 List of TV Manufacturers


1. Hitachi: Hitachi is the Japans most venerable company is electronic business. Many companies in the industry just dream of the knowledge and experience of Hitachi. In 50s its career was started as a tube manufacturer. With Hitachi’s own picture tube, it started to manufacture TVs and other electronic products in 1960. Hitachi made its name by some high-quality and …

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Top 10 List of Air Conditioner Manufacturers


1. Amana: Amana Corporation is an American manufacturer of household appliance founded by George Foerstner in 1934. At first it was named as The Electrical Equipment Co. Later Amana Society acquired this company. It’s owned by the Whirlpool Corporation. Amana produces wide range of products including ovens, furnace, dishwashers, countertops, cloth washer and drier etc. It first began the production …

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