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Top 10 List of Tourism Earners


In many countries tourism is the main earning source. In this Top 10 List we are going to talk about the Top 10 List to tourism earners in the world. We hope that our all audience will love this post very much. Our Top 10 List will help you to extend your general knowledge. 1. United States: In the Top …

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Top 10 List of Car Manufacturing Countries


1. China: Science 2009, China is the biggest car manufacturing country in the world. Automobile industry in China has been developing rapidly science 1990s. In 2009, 13.79 million automobiles are produced in China, of which passenger cars are 8 million and commercial vehicles were 3.41. Among the automobile produced, local brand produced 44.3% and the joint ventures along with foreign …

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Top 10 List of Basket Ball Playing Countries


1. USA: In the Top 10 List of basketball playing countries we must keep the name of USA in the first position. in the FIBA ranking they are the 1st team. They joined with the FIBA in 1934. Mike Krzyzewski is the main couch of this team. They have appeared in the Olympics for 16 times and in 13 times …

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Top 10 List of Football Playing Countries


In our Top 10 List we try to provide some information about top football paying countries. We hope that you will like our Top 10 List of football paying countries. 1. Brazil: The number one of our Top 10 List is Brazil. The nick name of Brazil national football is BRA. Brazilian football confederation controlled the whole matter of Brazilian …

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Top 10 List of the Countries Whose Average Living Period is Highest


1. Japan: In the Top 10 List we found the Japan in the 1st position which average living period is highest all over the world. It is in the country of Asia. This Far East country became free in the year1952. The total population of the country is 127500000. The percentage of education of this country is 100. It is …

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