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Top 10 List of Motorcycle Racers

1. Michael Bailey Hailwood: Michael Bailey Hailwood was born on 2nd April 1940. He was British motorcycle road racer. Because of the natural ability of riding, he was known as “Mike The Bike”. He is one of the riders who completed Grand Prix level of auto racing and motorcycles. He participated in total of 152 Grand Prix, won in 76 ... Read More »

Top 10 List of Popular Universities

1. University of Oxford: Oxford University the second oldest university in the world and oldest in the English-speaking world. It located in Oxford, England. Its correct date of foundation is still unclear but according to the evidence, it is ensured that its teaching was started before 11th century. The present Chancellor of Oxford is The Rt. Hon. Lord Pat10 of ... Read More »

Top 10 List of Runners

1. Usain Bolt: Bolt of10 called as lightning Bolt is the top sprinter of the world. He was born on 21th August, 1986 in Jamaica. He got 1 gold medal in each of these- World Athletics Final, World Youth Championships, World Junior Championships and CAC Championships, 3 gold medals in World Championship and 3 gold medals in Olympic Games. He ... Read More »

Top 10 List of Sports Cars

Porsche Cayman

There are many dazzling and high performance sports cars today. It is very difficult to rank them in the Top 10 List of sports cars. On the basis of reviewers review, performance, look and liability the ranking is given below. 1. Porsche Cayman: The No. 1 sports car in the Top 10 List of sports cars in 2011 Porsche Cayman. ... Read More »

Top 10 List of Swimmers

1. Mark Spitz: Mark Spitz is an American swimmer and has retired from swimming. He was born in 10th February 1950. In 1972 Olympic Games he won seven gold medals. Michel Phelps surpassed his achievement by winning eight gold medals in the 2008 Olympics. From 1968 to 1972 he won 9 Olympic gold medals, 1 silver, 1 bronze, 5 Pan ... Read More »

Top 10 List of Tablet PC Manufacturers

1. Apple: Apple was established on 1976 in California and incorporated on 1977. Before the year 2007 its name was Apple Computer Inc. On January 9 of that year, the word “Computer” was removed. It has the most valuable technologies and is under the Microsoft Company. Apple launched the first tablet iPad in 2010. Among the first 80 days of ... Read More »

Top 10 List of Basketball clubs

1. Boston Celtics: In our Top 10 List of top basket ball club we put the name of Boston Celtics in the first place. It is the strongest team of this time. The club was founded in 1946 in Boston. They have gained eight major titles. They also gained the NBA championship for 17 times. In the club basket ball ... Read More »