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Top 10 List of Poorest Countries in the World 2012


Our most of the post is for the rich world and now we are going to talk about the Top 10 List of poorest country in the world 2012. We hope that this Top 10 List will be very informative and you all like this post very much. In every Top 10 List we always put the right information. 1. …

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Top 10 List of the Countries Which Spend Much in Education


Education is one of the main basic needs. In this Top 10 List we provide the information about those countries which spend much on education. 1. Zimbabwe: In the Top 10 List of the countries which spend much in education we keep Zimbabwe in the 1st position. It is an African country. The total population of this country is about13900000. …

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Top 10 List of Aids Affected Countries of the World


Top 10 List always shows or informs the top 10 matters or subject. In this article we should inform you about the Top 10 List of Aids affected countries. Aids are now most sensitive matter all over the world. It is not a curable disease. There is no medicine for this disease. He who affected by the Aids he must …

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Top 10 List of Cricket Team


1. India: In the Top 10 List of Cricket Team we keep the team of India in the 1st position. In the ICC ranking they are the 1st in test and 2nd in one day matches. The team of India achieved the test status in the year 1932. They played against the English cricket team in Lord’s in their first …

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