Top 10 Christmas Games for the Girls

Best Christmas Games for the Girls

Christmas is the time of pleasure and enjoyment. This time we make a list of Top 10 Christmas games for the girls. This games are really very attractive and cool. We hope girls will like this. Let’s have a look.

FLIGHT: London-based developer KrinJuangbhanich is best known for his ultra-violent turn-based zombie RPGs Sonny and Sonny 2 but with this brilliant Christmas-themed game, he has revealed a softer side. In Flight you have to guide a paper plane to Santa’s home in the North Pole.

MOUNTAIN MANIAC XMAS: Christmas is a season of generosity and high spirits. Not for the hero of this edgy game by PixelJam, however. Indeed, to say that Mr Mountain Maniac is pissed-off would be the understatement of the year. He is literally frothing with rage and the target of his ire is none other than Father Christmas.

WINTERBELLS: Ferry Halim is one of the most inventive game developers around at the moment. He makes beautiful, quirky games that blur the distinction between gaming and art. One of his best-known games is Winterbells, a Christmas themed game where your challenge is to help a bunny ascend as high as possible by leaping on Christmas bells.

STARLIGHT XMAS: Have you ever stared at the stars for so long that they start to form patterns? Of course you have. Well, this puzzle game is based on a similar idea. You are presented with a series of night skies and are expected to manipulate the stars – by rotating them in three-dimensions – to create Christmas-themed pictures.

GARDEN GNOME CARNAGE: How best to describe this strange game? Garden Gnome Carnage is an odd marriage between a defend-your-castle-style game and a physics game with a very unusual plot. You are an angry gnome house-owner who hates Christmas.

CARGO BRIDGE XMAS EDITION: Who would have thought that bridge building could be so much fun? Your task in this hit flash game is to design and build a bridge capable of carrying your workers to their destination. This is a proper physics sum, so if you don’t take care designing your bridge, it WILL fall down.

SANTA ROCKSTAR METAL XMAS 3: If Santa really were a rockstar, I reckon Christmas would be a big letdown for the world’s children. While they are waiting on tenterhooks for their presents to appear on Christmas morning, Father Christmas would still be slumped asleep over the toilet, suffering the consequences of several days of reckless partying.

FACTORY BALLS: The wonderfully-named Belgian game developer Bart Bonte has come up with a little gem of a game. In physics-based puzzler Factory Balls, you are set the task of creating a funky custom ball by jazzing up a plain old white ball.

BLOONS 2 CHRISTMAS EXPANSION: Pity NinjaKiwi. He has to be soooooo bored of creating Bloons games. He’s made so many versions of them already that it must be difficult to come up with new ideas. Not to mention the mind-wrenching dullness of working on the same type of game time and again.

INFECTIONATOR CHRISTMAS EDITION: This is the Christmas edition of one of our Games of the Year 2010. As with the original, your aim in this game is to spread an infectious illness to as many people as possible.

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