Top 10 List of Automobile Tips

Automobile-Tips-1. Safety first: The top tip among the Top 10 List of automobile tips is using automobile is wearing the seat belts. Nothing is more important than your life. If you always wear seat belts then congratulations, but if you don’t than build up the habit. Not wearing seat belts can cause serious damage or death during any accident. Every year many people die because of road accident. The number would have decreased if some of them wore seat belts.

2. Safety restrains for the children: Because of the small size of the children the safety belt doesn’t fit to them. As a result, the safety belts do not ensure the safety of the children during any accident. So the second tip of Top 10 List of automobile tips is to use any safety restrains for the children. In this case you can use child safety seats, infant safety seats or child booster seats. While getting any of them, make sure that they are fit to your child’s size and car model.

3. Cargo areas and Airbags: Cargo areas are very dangerous for children. Then can be seriously injured while accident. Besides the carbon monoxide emitting from the exhaust can cause illness or even death to the children. The airbags are also dangerous for the children. It can cause death to the children instead of saving them. Airbags inflates at the speed of about 200 mph. So simply it is not tolerable for the children. The safest place for the children is the rear seat. It is the third tip of Top 10 List of automobile tips.

4. Never leave children in car: This is the fourth tip of Top 10 List of automobile tips. Never leave the children alone in the car. They can be trapped in the trunk what could lead to hyperthermia or asphyxiation. They could also disengage parking break or start the car. Excessive cold or hot temperature can result injury or death.

5. Service the engine: The main and most important part of the cars in the engine. The performance of a car depends on the engine. So the fifth tip in the Top 10 List of automobile tips is servicing the engine. If the engine runs properly without any problem, it will use need fuel. The longer your car will remain without any servicing, the more fuel it will need. So service your car’s engine regularly.

6. Maintain the pressure in tires: Tire is a very important thing of the cars. A quality tire with proper pressure not only can save your life in the emergency situations, but also can reduce your fuel cost. There are different kinds of tires for different kinds of use and they also need different amount of pressure. So identify which type of tire is yours and how much pressure do they need and maintain that. It is the sixth tip of Top 10 List of automobile tips.

7. Speed: Reducing the speed of the speed of the car is among the best was to save gas. Normally, when you will speed up your car, the economy of fuel will decrease. If driving above the normal speed is your habit, then just limit your for a few days. Surely you will able to save lots of fuel. It is the seventh tip of the Top 10 List of automobile tips.

8. The break-in period: This tip is for those who have bought new car and is the eighth tip of the Top 10 List of automobile tips. While the break in period, keep the car’s speed under 88 KMPH (55 mph) for the first 1,600 km (1000 miles). The car manufacturer will also recommend this.

9. Get fuel from reliable stations: Getting fuel from reliable station is the ninth tip of Top 10 List of automobile tips. Is the station reliable from which you buy fuel? Ask them if their fuel is filtered, if they change the filters of the pump regularly and if they mix the alcohol and fuel properly. If the answer is not pleasing then just find another reliable station.

10. Wash your car regularly: Some people find the car washing very irritating, but it is a very crucial task. Wash the outside and inside of the car regularly. Use the vacuum cleaners to clean inside. To clean the dashboard, use a soft cloth and wipe lightly. Wiping with pressure will scratch them.  It is the 10th tip of the Top 10 List of automobile tips.

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