Top 10 List of Deadly Disease

In the Top 10 List we describe about Top 10 List of deadly disease. It can be very important articles for every one. In this article we put most common and dangerous Top 10 List of disease. We hope that this article can help you do know about these fatal disease.

Ischaemic-Heart-Disease1. Ischaemic Heart Disease: In our Top 10 List we put the ischaemic heart disease in the 1st position. It is also the deadly disease.  Lot of people is affected by this disease every year. In the developed countries the people are mostly affected by heart disease. This disease is related to the life style. The people who are not adopt in physical exercise and take rich food regularly they are mainly affected by this disease. About 7208000 people are died by ischaemic heart disease.

Cancers2. Cancers: In the second position of our Top 10 List we keep the cancers. It is the mostly deadly disease of the world. People of every country are affected by the cancers. There are different types of cancers. The cancers mainly occurred by the excessive flow of cell diversion. The people who are affected by the smoking and have the habit of drink they have the risk of cancer. Every year 7121000 people died in cancer.

Cerebrovascular3. Cerebrovascular Disease: In the Top 10 List we keep the cerebrovacular disease in the 3rd position. it is the deadly disease for the developing countries. The people of developing countries have a great risk of these problems. At least 5509000 people died in this disease every year.

Lower-respirat-infections4. Lower Respirat Infections: In our Top 10 List we keep the lower respiratory infection in the 4th position. It is a deadly disease mostly for the people who are in poor position. People are not census about this problem. Some times when the people hart by some thing some thing and not give the proper care about this problem then they affected by this problem. In this disease at least 3884000 people died every year.

Aids15. Aids: It is the most dangerous and deadly disease in the world. We keep the aids disease in the 5th position of our Top 10 List. There is no medicine for this disease. It is the most dangerous disease in the world. The Africa is at in the treat of Aids. There are many man woman and children are affected by this deadly disease. The disease is also spreading all over the world. The government of all county is very careful about this deadly disease. Every year 2777000 people are died in Aids.

Chronic-obstructive-pulmonary-disease6. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: In the 6th position we keep the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease of our Top 10 List. If any disease stands in a human body for a long time then it tureens to chronic diseases. It creates much disease in human body. This chronic disease damages the red blood cell. In a result other disease can affected the human body easily. every year 2748000 people are dies in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Perinatal-disease7. Perinatal Disease: In the Top 10 List we keep the perinatal disease in the 7th position. It is a very fatal disease. In the developing countries people are mostly affective by this problem. Every year many people are died in this problem. At least 2462000 people are died in this disease all over the world.

Diarrhoeal-Disease8. Diarrhoeal Disease: In the Top 10 List of deadly disease we keep the diarrhoeal disease in the 8 the position. It is also a deadly disease. Every people can be affected by this problem. Lack of pure water and food is the main caused of this problem. Water contamination is the main cause of this diarrhoeal disease. In the last year at least 1798000 people are died in this diarrhoeal disease.

Tuberulosis9. Tuberulosis: In our Top 10 List we keep the tuberculosis in the 9th position. It is also a fatal disease. Many people died ever year in this disease. At lease 1566000 people died in tuberculosis every year all over the world.

Malaria110. Malaria: In our Top 10 List we keep the malaria in the 10 position. Once it was the most deadly disease. The disease is spread by the mosquito. The poor countries are the main victim of the malaria. In Asia and in Africa people are mostly affected by the malaria. It is also a top most dangerous disease in the world. At lease 1473000 people died every by malaria.

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