Top 10 List of Harmful Habits

In this Top 10 List of harmful habits we provide some information about harmful habits. Every people should avoid these types of habits.

Habits-of-Smoking1. Habits of Smoking: In the Top 10 List of harmful habits we keep smoking in the first place. It is a dangerous bad habit. Much fatal disease including censer can be affects in human body by smoking. In the time of pregnancy women should give up this habit badly. In North America abut 350000 people affected by censer due to smoking.

Habits-of-Alcohol-alcohol2. Habits of Alcohol: In the Top 10 List of harmful habits we put the habit if alcohol in the2nd place. Excessive taking alcohol is harmful for the human body. It can damage your brains and body cells. It can cause a great harm in your stomach and liver.

Lack-of-Sleep3. Lack of Sleep: In the Top 10 List of harmful habits we keep lack of sleep in the 3rd place. Sleeping is a very essential term of human health. There are some people who don’t take enough sleep. For the reason they have to face many physical difficulty for this. It can cause much fatal disease.

Over-Eating4. Over Eating: In the Top 10 List of harmful habits we should keep over eating in the 4th place. It is a very harmful bad habit. You should always keep a limit in your eating habits. If you can’t control your eating habits then you will get bulky soon. The over weight people affected by any disease rapidly.

Taking-Tea-or-Coffeel5. Taking Tea or Coffee: In the Top 10 List of harmful habits we keep taking coffee or tea in the 5th place. We all know that drink like coffee or tea is very good for health. This drink can reduce or prevent many heath problems. But excessive taking tea or coffee is very harmful for the human health. You should not take more then 4 cups tea or coffee in a day.

Eating-Chocolate6. Eating Chocolate: In the Top 10 List of harmful habits we keep eating chocolates in the 6th place. There are many people who eat chocolates frequently. Frequently taking of chocolates is not so good for the human health. In every chocolate there are some harmful chemicals which are very dangerous for human health.

Taking-Junk-Food7. Taking Junk Food:  In the Top 10 List of harmful habits we should keep taking junk food in the 7th place. This kind of food is never good for health. Much common and fatal disease can be affected by the junk food. The children and the teens are very much involved this kind of food habits.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA8. Soft Drinks: In the Top 10 List of harmful habits we keep drinking soft drinks in the 8th place. Soft drinks are very popular in all over the world. All people fond of this drinks so much. Carbonated drinks erode tooth enamel (because they contain carbonic and phosphoric acids) and appear to promote kidney stones.

Watching-Television19. Watching Television: in the Top 10 List of harmful habit s we keep watching television is in the 9th place. Television is very necessary equipments for us. But you should not watch television more than four hours in a d day.

Ignore-Symptoms10. Ignore Symptoms: In the Top 10 List of harmful habits we keep Ignore symptoms in the 10th place. Symptoms are a very important matter for keeping well. So every body should keep a clear concern about his health symptoms. If you find anything bad then you should go to a doctor immediately.

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