Top 10 List of Highest Paid Football Players in 2012

We all know that football is the most popular game all over the world. In the Top 10 List we try to inform you about the highest paid footballer in 2012.  We hope this post will help you to extend your football knowledge. So let’s have a look on the Top 10 List of highest paid footballer in the year 2012.

David-Beckham11. David Beckham: Here in the Top 10 List we keep the English footballer David Beckham in the 1st place. He gets $40 million from his club. After his deal with Adidas, the biggest in the sports world, supported by upper-class soccer apparel, he signed another deal with Samsung, on May 2011, becoming the company’s main figure for the Games.

Cristiano-Ronaldo2. Cristiano Ronaldo: In our Top 10 List we keep this Reas Madrid Super star in the 2nd place. His salary is $38 million. Names like Nike, Armani, Coca-Cola and Castrol stick with him because he’s got the looks and skills needed to promote any product.

Lionel-Messi13. Lionel Messi: In the Top 10 List of highest paid footballer we keep the name of Lionel Messi in the 3rd place. Known as the world’s best player right now, Messi is now sponsored by Konami, AudemarsPiquet, Chery, AirEuropa, PepsiCo and Adidas. His salary is $32 million.

Samuel-Eto’o4. Samuel Eto’o: In the Top 10 List of highest footballer we keep the name of Samuel Eto’o in the 4th place. Africa’s most decorated footballer of all time, winning the “African Player of the Year” award four times, he has now added Puma and Ford to his list of sponsors. His salary at the Russian club rises up to $29 million a year, for a 3 year deal, making him the highest-paid player in the history of soccer.

Ricardo-Kaka5. Ricardo Kaka: We keep this Brazilian and Real Madrid superstar in the 5th place of our Top 10 List. He joins this list thanks to his contract with EA Games, selling around 100 million units of the game FIFA 2011, for his presence on the package cover and, of course, thanks to his huge salary $29 million from Real Madrid and several ads he’s been doing lately.

Ronaldinho6. Ronaldinho: In the Top 10 List of highest paid footballer we put the name of Ronaldinho in the 6th place. He was the best players of the world two years in a row just a couple of years ago and now, after moving to his home country to play for Flamengo he still gets the appreciation he truly deserves. His salary is$24 million.

Thierry-Henry7. Thierry Henry: In the Top 10 List of highest paid footballer we keep the name of Thierry Henry in the 7th place. His salary is $21 million. After moving to MLS in 2010 to play for the New York Red Bulls, he has bought a suite in New York for almost $15 million, while his partnership with Gillette started during the late 2010.

Wayne-Rooney8. Wayne Rooney: In our Top 10 List of highest paid footballers we keep this English and Man U superstar in the 8th place. He gets $20 million salary from his club. His current sponsors are Nike and Electronic Arts, and, the deal at Old Trafford, for around $8 million a year, will last at least 5 more years.

Zlatan-Ibrahimovic9. Zlatan Ibrahimovic: In the Top 10 List of highest paid footballer we keep the name of Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the 9th place. He gets $17 million as his from his club. He always had impressive salaries at all teams he played and that are what happens at AC Milan as well.

Frank-Lampard10. Frank Lampard: In the Top 10 List of highest paid footballer we keep the name of Frank Lampard in the 10th place. His main wage is the salary on Chelsea’s field, of around $11 million, putting him on Britain’s highest paid sportsmen but he also has a couple of endorsements that make his total earnings quite a lot bigger. His all over salary is $17 million.

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