Top 10 List of Most Beautiful and Colorful Birds

The world we live in is painted in so many beautiful colors and some of them are spread on the wings and feathers of the most beautiful birds. This time we are going to write about the Top 10 List of most beautiful and colorful birds in the nature. We hope that this Top 10 List will be different from the others.

Peacock1. Peacock: Peacock is the most beautiful and colorful birds in the world and we keep it in the top position in our Top 10 List. It is the most notorious of the bird world. The peacock is legendary for its amazing feathers he uses in the mating rituals.

Scarlet-Macaw2. Scarlet Macaw: In the Top 10 List we keep Scarlet Macaw in the 2nd place. The national symbol of Honduras, this large parrot is perhaps the one bird companion any home in the world would like to have. You can find this beautiful bird in Africa and Naught America reason.

Kingfisher3. Kingfisher: In the Top 10 List of most colorful and beautiful birds we keep the kingfisher in the 3rd place. Kingfisher is for sure a very common bird and since it comes in different species the multitude of nuances of blue and orange is for sure a sight to be seen.

Painted-Bunting4. Painted Bunting: In the Top 10 List of most colorful and beautiful birds we keep Painted Bunting in the 4th place. The Painted Bunting is for sure the most beautifully painted bird in North America. Still only the male is carrying this amazing display of colors that it seems to be his key ingredient in mating rituals.

Baltimore-Oriole5. Baltimore Oriole: In this Top 10 List we keep Baltimore Oriole in the 5th place. The Baltimore oriole leaves speechless the bird watchers of the world with its amazing song but also with its amazing black and orange feathers.

Northern-Cardinal6. Northern Cardinal: In the Top 10 List of most beautiful and colorful birds we keep Northern Cardinal in the 6th place. The Northern Cardinal is perhaps the most vivid example that a beautiful red coat and black trim around the beak can make a bird look as outstanding as the function whose name it carries.

African-Crowned-Crane7. African Crowned Crane: It’s a beautiful bird and we keep it in the 7th place in out Top 10 List. The African Crowned Crane is not exactly the most colorful but the way nature designed its appearance and the colors displayed on its head sure makes it one of a kind in the beautiful birds’ world.

Atlantic-Puffins8. Atlantic Puffins: In the Top 10 List of most beautiful and colorful animals we keep Atlantic Puffins in the 8th place. Atlantic Puffins are so very cute wit their colorful beak and unique body shape. The lovely grey and white feathers are perfectly accompanied by the orange beak and legs.

American-kestrel9. American Kestrel: In the Top 10 List of most beautiful and colorful birds we keep American kestrel in the 9th place. The American kestrel is part of the small falcon’s family and it is the most accurate example of how the majestic stature of a predator bird can be also amazingly looking because of its beautiful blue feathers.

Lorikeets10. Lorikeets: In the final place of the Top 10 List we keep Lorikeets. Lorikeets are the loveliest species of tree parrots wearing the most amazing colorful feathers. They are extremely beautiful and their colorful being is a joy to watch in the forests of Asia.

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