Top 10 List of Most Iconic Buildings and Monuments

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1. The Giza Pyramids: In the Top 10 List of most iconic building and monument in the world we keep Giza Pyramids in the 1st place. It is the great ancient architectural monument in the world. It is the oldest build in this list and it also the one of the 7 wonders. Millions of people visit this place every year. Its magnificent architectural beauty always attracts the people.

2. The Colosseum: In the Top 10 List of most iconic monuments and buildings we should keep The Colosseum in the 2nd place. The largest Roman amphitheater ever built, the Colosseum is one of the greatest architectural feats ever achieved by the Ancient Romans. Construction began between 70 and 72 AD and was finished in 80 AD.

3. Big Ben: In the Top 10 List of most iconic buildings and monument we should keep Big Ben in the 3rd place. It is the most famous clock all over the world. It was completed during the restoration of the Palace of Westminster in 1858. The tower stands 316 feet tall, each clock face is 23 feet square with 4 foot numbers and the great bell is seven and a half feet tall and weighs 13 tons.

4. Eiffel Tower: In the Top 10 List of most iconic building and monuments we keep the name of Eiffel Tower in the 4th position. The Eiffel Tower was built between 1887 and 1889 and acted as the entrance arch for the Exposition Universally, which marked the centennial of the French Revolution. It is also a great symbol of steel structure.

5. Taj Mahal: In the Top 10 List of most iconic buildings and tower we should keep this in the 5th place. It is also one of the most famous buildings in the world. It considered the symbol of love. The crowning jewel of India, the Taj Mahal is a testament to one man’s love for his wife. It looks like a palace, but it was actually built as a tomb for the Emperor’s favorite wife. Construction began one year after her death in 1632 and the mausoleum was completed in 1648.

6. Sydney Opera House: In the Top 10 List of most iconic buildings and monuments we should keep Sydney Opera House in the 6th place. It is the symbol of innovative architecture. Rising out of the Sydney Harbor, the Sydney Opera House is not only the center of the arts scene in Australia but also stands out as a must see to anyone visiting the area.

7. The Burj Al Arab: In the Top 10 List most iconic building and monument we put the name of The Burj Al Arab in the 7th place. The newest building on a long list of architecture built on a grand scale; the Burj Al Arab was built in 1994 and is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world.

8. The Louvre: In the Top 10 List of most iconic buildings and monument we should keep The Louvre in the 8th place. One of the most easily recognizable museums in the world, the Louvre’s Palace and the recently added glass pyramid are as beautiful to those who visit as the priceless works of art that it houses. Its beauty always attracts people.

9. Hagia Sophia: In the Top 10 List of most iconic buildings and monument we should keep the name of Hagia Sophia in the 9th position. The great church is now a museum but it wasn’t always so: for centuries it served as a pillar of the Greek Orthodox Church and then as an Islamic Mosque. It is the holy place for the Muslim and Christian.

10. Petronas Towers: In the Top 10 List of iconic building in the world we should keep this in the 10th place. This building is also known as Petronas Twin Towers.  The construction of this building was started in 1992. The building is the landmark of Kuala Lumpur with nearby Kuala Lumpur Tower.

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