Top 10 List of Robots in Last 10 Years

This technological Top 10 List is quite different from the other post. This time we are going to make a Top 10 List of robots in last 10 years. This Top 10 List will be very informative. We hope that our audience will like this post very much.

KeepOn1. KeepOn: In the Top 10 List of robots we should keep this robot in the 1st place. This magnificent robot was made by Marek Michalowski. KeepOn was designed to be an interactive toy to study, “social development and interpersonal coordination as well as in therapeutic practice for children with developmental disorders such as autism“.

PackBot2. PackBot: In the Top 10 List of robots we should keep this in the 2nd place. PackBot saw its first real action in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks, as it searched through the rubble of the World Trade Center towers in New York City. This robot was developed by America.

Pleo3. Pleo: In the Top 10 List of robot we should keep Pleo in the 3rd place. Pleo was supposed to supersede Furby’s ability to learn and interact with its users while adding the ability to move around by walking. Pleo was originally announced to cost $200 and be released around Christmas 2006.

BigDog4. BigDog: In the Top 10 List of robots we should keep this in the 4th position. Boston Dynamics calls BigDog, “the most advanced rough-terrain robot on earth.” If you asked someone on the street about BigDog, they’d probably say, “oh yeah!. This robot was released in 2005.

RoboSapien5. RoboSapien: In the Top 10 List of robot we keep the name of RoboSapien in the 5th position. RoboSapien was a unique robotic toy released in 2003. Produced by an obscure Hong Kong based toy manufacturer named WowWee, the $100 walking. One of the most unique features of the RoboSapien, and a large portion in its continued popularity, is the intentional “hackability” built into the toy.

ASIMO-and-Honda-P-Series6. ASIMO and Honda P-Series: In the Top 10 List of robots we put the name of ASIMO and Honda P-Series in the 6th position. ASIMO, with his space-suit looking appearance, is cheerful and endearing. He has paved the way for many subsequent walking, human-like robots, but still holds his own as an advanced and powerful robot.

Aibo7. Aibo: In the Top 10 List of robot we must keep this in the 7th place. Sony produced the very popular Aibo robot dog, which quickly became a favorite robot of dog lovers and high-rolling robot builders alike. Sony developed the robots through three generations and garnered a large following of devoted developers.

Predator-Drone8. Predator Drone: In the Top 10 List of robots we keep this in the 8th place. The drone, which was developed by the secretive General Atomics company, has flown combat missions in several foreign countries, and is extensively used by the US military in the war in Afghanistan.

LEGO-Mindstorms9. LEGO Mindstorms: In the Top 10 List of robots we should keep this LEGO Mindstorms in the 9th place. LEGO Mindstorms RIS product. It was revolutionary for a strictly toy company to unveil an advanced robotics platform that appealed to hobbyists, educators, and children alike. The first set, the RIS 1.0 sold well and LEGO released a RIS 2.0 kit shortly thereafter.

Roomba10. Roomba: In the Top 10 List of robots we should keep this in the 10th place. It’s awful hard to remember back to 2001 when the dream of floor cleaning robots was still just that – a dream of housewives and robo-fanboys everywhere. iRobot took the household cleaning market by storm when it released its first commercial floor cleaning robot, called the Roomba,

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