Top 10 List of SUVs

We will now show you the Top 10 List of SUVs. SUV is becoming more popular day by day. Many companies are producing wide range of SUVs for the people from lower to higher budget. Now here is the list.

Nissan-Murano1. Nissan Murano: The Nissan Murano is in the first position in the Top 10 List of SUVs. In December 2002 this mid-sized crossover was first introduced. This SUV was the first crossover for Canada and United States. In 2004, this car’s European version was first sold. It was available in only one version.

Lexus-RX2. Lexus RX: This fantastic SUV by Lexus is sold since 1998. Lexus is the luxury division of automobile manufacturer Toyota. This SUV has been updated for two times. The first model was compact sized. The other two was mid-sized and classified. This SUV is in the second position in the Top 10 List of SUVs.

Lincoln-MKX3. Lincoln MKX: MKS is a mid-sized crossover, which is manufactured by Lincoln, a division of Ford. In December 2006 this SUV was first introduced as a 2007 model. Except some unique styles, the MKX is closely related to Ford Edge. Both of these cars are sharing CD3 platform, body parts, powertrain and other parts and designs. This SUV’s sole powertrain is 6 speed auto transmissions 3.5 Duratec V6. This SUV is in the third position in the Top 10 List of SUVs.

Toyota-RAV44. Toyota RAV4: It is the first compact crossover SUV from Toyota introduce in Europe and Japan in 1994. In 1996 it was introduced in North America. This vehicle was designed to provide most of the benefits of SUVs like as higher visibility, cargo room, option of full-time four-wheel drive with better mileage and maneuverability. This crossover SUV is in the fourth position in the Top 10 List of SUVs.

Hyundai-Santa-Fe5. Hyundai Santa Fe: This car is a mid-sized crossover and base on the platform Hyundai Sonata, Named after a city of New Mexico. It was introduced as a 2001 model, same time when Mazda Tribute, Ford Escape and Pontiac Aztek released. This SUV became so popular that Hyundai had trouble to supply it. Hyundai Santa Fe is in the fifth position in the Top 10 List of SUVs.

SRX6. SRX: Cadillac introduces this SRS based Provoq concept vehicle for the 2012 model year. This is mostly unique but shares some components with the Theta and Epsilon II. SRX was officially introduced in January 2009 with the options of 3.0 liter V6 with direct injection derived from the 3.6 liter unit in the Cadillac CTS or a 2.8 liter turbocharged V6. This SUV is in the sixth position in the Top 10 List of SUVs.

Kia-Sorento17. Kia Sorento: The South Korean auto manufacturer Kia Motors produced this mid-sized crossover since 2002. In 2009 Sorento was redesigned and launched in South Korea. It was Kia’s first car built in United States. In 2010 a new 2011 model of Kia Sorento was introduced. This SUV is in the seventh position in the Top 10 List of SUVs.

Kia-Sportage8. Kia Sportage: This compact crossover SUV is produced by Kia Motors since 1993. In April 2010 the 2011 model of Kia Sportage was released in North and Central America. In October that year it was released in Australia. This SUV uses 2.0L CRDi 136 and 184 hp (137 kW) Hyundai R diesel engine, same as used in Hyundai Sonata 2.0T. This SUV is in the eighth position in the Top 10 List of SUVs.

CX-79. CX-7: This MX-Crossport concept car is a SUV from Mazda. From 2006, CX-7 is produced in Hiroshima, Japan. In January 2006, CX-7 was first introduced publicly at the 2006 Los Angeles Auto Show. Its production was officially begun in 20th February. In 1994 Mazda discontinued Navajo, thus CX-7 is the first mid-sized SUV of Mazda. This SUV is in the ninth position in the Top 10 List of SUVs.

Ford-Escape110. Ford Escape: Ford Motor Company introduced this compact SUV in 2000 as a 2001 year model. Although it is crossover, it was marketed as a Ford SUV. Escape was developed jointly with Mazda and was released with Mazda Tribute. This SUV is in the tenth position in the Top 10 List of SUVs.

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