Top 10 List of Water Parks in the World

In the holydays people always wants to go to an entertaining place. They want to be entertained on that time. Water parks is that kinds of place. In this Top 10 List we are going to talk about the Top 10 List of water parks in the world. We hope you all like this post about Top 10 List of water parks in the world.

1. Water Country: In the Top 10 List of water parks in the world we keep water country in the 1st place. This exciting water park in Virginia will make you remember the Beach Boys. There are several modern features in this popular park ranging from exciting flume rides to river rafting adventures which can keep you relaxed at Water Country.

2. Wet n’ Wild Water World: This is in the 2nd place in our Top 10 List. This water park is located in Australia. There are many new additions that have been added to this park lately. The Tornado is an exciting ride and there is also the Black hole.

3. Sandcastle Water Park: In the Top 10 List of water parks in the world we should put Sandcastle Water Park in the 3rd place. This park is locating din UK. This water park has many attractions suitable for many age groups. The Master blaster water coaster is the biggest water coaster in the world.

4. Las Cascada Water Park: This is the 4th park in our Top 10 List. This is the biggest park in the Caribbean which was built in 1985. The park has several things to offer whether it is speed rides or places of relaxation.

5. Noah’s Ark Water Park: We should keep the Noah’s Ark Water Park in the 5th place in our Top 10 List. The park extends to over 70 acres and includes two wave pools, children’s play areas, lagoon pool and two rivers. The notable slide is the Time Warp, which drops to over 70 feet.

6. Schlitterbahn Water Park: In the 6th place we keep Schlitterbahn Water Park in our Top 10 List. This park is located in Taxes. Now is it one of the best holyday spot for the Taxes people. It is now one of the best tourist spot if Taxes.

7. World Water Park: World Water Park is in the 7th place in our Top 10 List. This place is located in Canada. The park has several slides and rides such as Tropical Typhoon, Sky Screamer and others. The rides of the park are also very trilling.

8. Wet n’ Wild: In the Top 10 List we keep Wet n’ Wild in the 8th place. In this park you can enjoy many thrill rides apart from other exciting water rides. The Brain Wash is a very famous ride here.

9. Chimelong Water Park: In the Top 10 List we keep this in the 9th place. This park has a superb ride called the Behemoth Bowl. There are other spectacular water rides as well in this park.

10. Sunway Lagoon: In the Top 10 List of water parks we keep this park in the 10th place. There are a number of unique water rides which can be found in three specific areas. They are Waters of Africa, Wild West and World of Adventure.

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