Top 10 Most Popular Fashion Brand

Every people want to keep him/her self with the up to date fashion. This time we are going to tell you about most popular fashion brand. These fashion brands give a new dimension in fashion world. Here is the Top 10 Most Popular Fashion Brand. Let’s have a look.

1. Louis Vuitton: It is considered as the most expensive and also the popular fashion brand in the world. In our Top 10 List we keep this brand in the 1st place. Louis Vuitton, in fact, is one of Forbes’ ten most valuable brands in the world last year, selling clothing, jewelry, luggage and perfume. But Christian Dior is not complaining.

2. Armani: We keep this Italian fashion giant in the 2nd place of our Top 10 List.  There are very few brands which are coming with a range and this brand has a huge range. Starting from perfumes and ending on the clothing. Listed as the Best Italian Perfume Brand. It is the old name in the cloth manufacturing particularly jeans and T shirts. The cloths designs are further recommended by the authorized fashion designers and boutique shops.

3. Prada: It is known for having outlets around the world and so are often more accessible than some of the other top brands. Its products are the most expensive clothing products in the world. It also maintains a good name in the perfumes market. In our Top 10 List we keep this in the 3rd place.

4. Levi Strauss: Levi’s company registers annual revenues of around $5 billion, propped up mainly by the popularity of its ‘shrink-to-fit’ 501s. It’s been the favorite of models, rockers, hippies, skinheads, X-Y generations, and now, the millennials. We keep this fashion brand in the 4th place of our Top 10 List.

5. Christian Dior: In our Top 10 List we keep Christian Dior in the 5th place. The French fashion house first gained fame for its shapes and silhouettes, creating voluptuous styles as opposed to the boxy shapes in post-war Europe. Today, the femme fatale-inspired House of Dior also caters to men through its Dior Homme division and children via Baby Dior.

6. Chanel: Chanel is considered to be one of those brands that are gaining a huge demand. This is a brand that is often favoured by the famous and the rich. The stylish and rich designs enable you to choose between great verities. In our Top 10 List we keep this fashion brand in the 6th place. As the Best French Perfume Brand it has its appeal all over the world.

7. Gucci: In our Top 10 List of most popular fashion brand in the world we keep this fashion brand in the 7th place. This brand is probably the most expensive in the world and they design items for men and women. Their articles include ties, handbags, skirts, shoes and luggage. Although expensive, these brand name items are always luxurious and stylish.

8. Coach: It’s popular among fashionistas and people who love showing off their wealth through luxury items like Coach, which was founded in 1941. It’s the favorite of celebrities like Christina Hendricks and Elisabeth Moss for its durable and elegant handbags and wallets. We keep this fashion brand in the 8th place of our Top 10 List.

9. Dolce and Gabbana: In our Top 10 List we keep this fashion brand in the 9th place. Commonly known as D&G, Dolce and Gabbana need no words to describe the popularity and grace of their brands. It is the most famous and desirable dressing brand in the Italian culture.

10. Versace: This is one of the most popular and famous Italian fashion brands. In our Top 10 List we keep this in the 10th place. This brand has introduced a variety of fashion wear, leaving no space for the competing rivals. Most fashion designers and artist have recommended Versace a seasonal clothing brand.

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