10 Best Bass Fishing Lakes in Texas

Top 10 Best Bass Fishing Lakes in Texas

Talking about fishing games, then the first name will be black bass or largemouth bass.

Whenever you are talking about big black bass the first country will be Texas. All its lakes and reservoirs are the heaven for big bass game catchers.


Top 10 Bass Fishing Lakes in Texas

All the lakes have largemouth basses in Texas but some have many big black basses some have less so where to try?

We come up with the latest news and information about highest concentration big largemouth basses in all lakes.

We produced this 10 best bass fishing lakes in Texas list based on real bass anglers interviews in last 2 years.

Lake Sam Rayburn

1. Lake Sam Rayburn

Whether you are a fishing pro or touring man or occasional angler, Lake Sam Rayburn will never disappoint you.

You may catch your largest bass game of your life here if fortune support you but you will have to get quality bass lures with best bass fishing kayak to have a chance here.

If you can’t get the biggest bass, you will surely get a few big black largemouth basses here. This is the best bass fishing lake in Texas.

Lake Fork

2. Lake Fork

Lake Fork is known for producing large basses. Half of the top 100 biggest bass in Texas came from this lake and still counting.

Anglers and fishermen from all over the country know and come here to catch the trophy bass of their lifetime.

Lake Fork always provide best bass and other big fishes to their worthy fishermen and anglers so never forget to try fishing in this lake.

Falcon Lake

3. Falcon Lake

Falcon Lake faced crisis about water and fishes in the past but after filling the lake with enough water, it has become one of the largest source of enormous largemouths in Texas.


Anglers from all the states come here to get their lifelong dream of catching brutish bass fulfilled and most of them get what they want.

Lake Amistad

4. Lake Amistad

Lake Amistad has a surface area of 70,000 acres and it was created in 1969 after the Rio Grande was dammed.

It is one of the remote lakes in Texas situated near the border town named Del Rio. It has clear and sprawling water and border with both Mexico and USA.

It provides many large and braggin size trophy largemouth black basses to its fishermen and anglers who come after crossing a long way.

Choke Canyon

5. Choke Canyon

Though Choke Canyon isn’t a big lake but it was manmade with a surface area of 26,000 acre but it has become a large source for different types of big and brutish fishes.

The warmer temperature of the region and greater fish producing environment makes this lake one of the trophy black bass producing lake in Texas.

Using your own inflatable fishing kayak, you can catch big basses all day long without being bored less number of fishes.

Toledo Bend Reservoir

6. Toledo Bend Reservoir

Toledo Bend Reservoir is one of the large reservoir in United States. It has an area big enough to connect from Texas to Louisiana.

It is a safe heaven for many types of fishes and among them big largemouth bass is common.


Both professional and recreational anglers find this lake interesting to catch their life making big trophy bass.

Caddo Lake

7. Caddo Lake

Catching bass is swallow water is really charming and exciting and many anglers love this experience.

If you are one of those anglers who love to catch swallow water bass then you will love Caddo Lake bass catching experience. The average depth of this lake is only 10 feet but that is enough for large bass to hide themselves.

Most of its game basses have high weight and size comparing other fishes found here.

Lake Texoma

8. Lake Texoma


If you have enough experience with largemouths then you should try smallmouths bass.

Smallmouth basses aren’t small, they get size of average largemouths eventually and if you are fond of catching smallmouth, then your search come to an end today.

Lake Texoma is the best place for catching smallmouth big basses and for anglers and fishermen who love to catch smallmouth bass it is the treasure trove for them.

Kurth Lake

9. Kurth Lake

The Kurth Lake is relatively small comparing with other lakes with a surface size of 560 acre only but it is a honey hole or treasure trove for big largemouth basses.

You can also find a lot of hybrid stripers and spotted basses here along with brutish large basses and catching basses in the fall and spring is most suitable for this beautiful lake.

Lake O'the Pines

10. Lake O’the Pines

The 19,800 acre Lake O’the Pines is known as bass factory for many pro anglers. Many anglers find this lake as a beehive for different sizes bass.

Though, many of the catching basses will have average size but sometimes you will get really large sized brutish largemouths here.


Catching big black bass in Lake O’the Pines is easier than other lakes and average anglers can catch a lot basses with less efforts.