10 Best Buy Black Friday Sales

Best Buy Black Friday Sale

Remember young Macaulay Culkin in Michael Jackson’s music video Black or White, where the exasperated boy turns the volume knob to the extent of ‘Are You Nuts…!!!’ and glares down at his father almost with vengeance, “Eat this”, he says and strums his guitar. There’s no bonus point for guessing what happens next, but definitely we have some great news this festive season, for musicians and music lovers.

Yes, you are right. We are referring to Best Buy and its upcoming Black Friday Sale. Here we take you for a guided tour through the Top 10 Best Buy Products that this festive season, you just can’t avoid paying attention to.

1] Michael Kelly Patriot Enlightened Electric Guitar

This powerhouse crafted by Michael Kelly, is a fusion of aesthetics and engineering. It doesn’t matter if you are a new bee, an advanced guitar player or a professional musician, this beauty is for you.

It’s so easy to handle, easy to own and easy to manipulate in delivering the sound that will remain truly a memorable experience for your audience.

Originally priced at $679.99 this Patriot can be yours for only $XXX.XX

2] Dave Smith Instruments Sequential Prophet X Synthesizer

This classic synthesizer has a balanced mix of samples and synthesis. It is also considered as Dave Smith’s most advanced version of the Prophet so far.

A perfect fit for every use, be it a studio or a live show, this firebrand machine has a huge stage presence at the same time being light weight, are easy to carry.

Originally priced at $3,999.00

3] Roland V-Drums TD-17KV-S Electronic Drum Set

Your drumming experience aren’t going to be the same anymore with this Roland TD-17 Electronic Drum Set. Superior sound delivered by a cutting edge Prismatic Sound Modeling technology plus up to 60 minutes of on board recording and USB MIDI and Audio for easy computer connection, this is a true rock star.

Simply place your smartphone on the front panel and connect it through Bluetooth and you are ready for drum lesson to play from the phone. You can hear both your lesson and what you are playing right into your headphone while you continue your practice.

Originally priced at $1,199.99

4] Selmer Paris Series II Jubilee Tenor Saxophone Gold Lacquer Model 54JU

Selmer Paris is a name that’s always taken with respect within the saxophone community.

Made out of yellow brass with a fully ribbed body, a S-80 C* mouthpiece and featuring compact key positioning that makes it easier to hold it closer to the body.

This remains a favorite among classical saxophonists because of its timbre, response and flexibility of tone.

Originally priced at $7,859.00

5] Carlo Robelli CR-302 Handcrafted Step-Up Violin Outfit (4/4 Size)

It says that a violin has a soul of its own and this handcrafted beauty truly stands for it. Sporting a stunning look combined with a sound quality befitting a serious violinist’s need.

Built on a one-piece back with inlaid purfling and genuine ebony fittings. A carbon composite bow with leather thumb grip and wire winding, ebony frog with Parisian eye inlay and white horsehair.

Originally priced at $329.99

6] Pioneer HDJ-X10 Flagship Professional Over-Ear DJ Headphones

This is world’s first DJ headphone to deliver sound frequency ranging from 5 Hz to 40 kHz.

What that means is that, you will never hear those frequencies from other DJ Headphones that Pioneer HDJ-X10 can deliver.

An extremely rough and tough headphone that’s also very flexible and feels comfortable even after prolonged hours of use, designed to sustain wear and tear for years to come.

Originally priced at $349.

7] Tascam SD-20M Solid State Recorder

With phenomenal advancement in audio enhancement and editing software, improving audio quality has more options in hand now. However, recording quality depends primarily on the quality of the bytes that you dump as raw files.

That is where Tascam SD-20M is a definite winner. It is so easy to use and at the same time highly dependable. This is a four track recorder that can simultaneously record from both the microphone and line in.

Ideal for conferences, educational institutes, nature study or even amateur use.

Originally priced at $299.99

8] Yamaha TF5 32 Channel Digital Mixer

Your raw audio files get magical when processed through this Digital Mixer. A great combination of the latest touch screen technology and years of experience of research and development by Yamaha.

Easy to set up and operate TF5 32 blends it’s Steinberg’s Cubase AI DAW application effortlessly with rest of the system. This truly is an answer to professional grade live recording and playback.

Originally priced at $2,999.99

9] American DJ VF1100 Mobile Fog Machine

Your parties are now going to be more dramatic and magical with this portable wonder American DJ VF1100. It’s extremely handy yet loaded with high efficiency features.

With a warm up time of only six minutes the mini monster is ever ready to breathe fire. Using water based fog fluid, it comes with a wired remote control that lets you be in control yet remain in the background.

Originally priced at $79.

10] Alfred Careers Through Music – Book & Streaming Video

This book is a success tool for music students and a lifelong companion in the path of professional music. Presented by the GRAMMY® Museum Foundation and Alfred Music, this book will also prepare you in developing skills such as self-management, networking or problem solving.

There are fifteen lesson plans, each one of eight minutes’ duration laid out in a simple format that trains on specific skills. You will even find student activity sheets with access to an exclusive archive of audio and videos featuring the professionals from the music world.

Originally priced at $33.24

This was a sneak peek at the Best Buy Black Friday Sale. Now it’s your turn to make this festive season musical and full of fun. Do not forget to avail our coupons for exciting offers lined up just for you.