10 Best Selfie Sticks

Everybody in this world likes to take a picture of himself or herself. With the advent of smartphones with front camera, it now becomes easier to click the photos of yourself and this process of clicking photos of oneself with the help of front camera is called selfie.

Taking selfie has now become very popular concept especially among the young generation. The biggest importance of selfie is felt when you take a group photo.

While there was no front camera and no concept of selfie someone from the group has to click the photograph on behalf of others. Hence that person has to get out of the photograph in the process.

With the advent of front camera it becomes possible to click photo without requiring anyone standing out of the group.

But the problem is that when the group gets larger some of the persons in the group may cut out of the frame of the smartphone.

This is where selfie stick with a tripod stand comes into play. When you have a selfie stick you will not lose anyone from the group.

This is the reason why selfie stick has now become so popular and demanding in the market.

The essential feature of a good selfie stick

Nowadays selfie stick comes up with a variety of features such as it is foldable, supports Bluetooth, and provides huge stability for click better photos and recording enhanced videos. A good selfie stick should have the following features:

  • Lengthy stretch: Nowadays you get foldable selfie stick in the market. But before purchasing a foldable selfie stick make sure that when you unfold it the length of the selfie stick should be at least 1 meter. A distance of 1 meter is found to be ideal lengths for clicking an amazing picture as it will be neither too far nor too short. This distance is certainly ideal for group photos and videos.
  • Good thickness: When you will unfold the selfie stick you should check its thickness. The selfie stick should be thick enough to provide stability. This stability will help you to create balance to your hand when you will click a photo or shoot a video. When you will have a thick stick you do not have to tire your hand very easily.
  • Strong Clamp: With the help of the clamp of a selfie stick it becomes possible to place the camera and also enable to fix it on the selfie stick. In the market you will get low-quality clamp at a cheaper rate which can be broken very easily or the strength of the spring may get loosen. Hence whenever you will buy a selfie stick it is very essential to check whether the clamp is strong or not and the quality of the spring is enough or not.
  • Greater connectivity: A good selfie stick should have good connectivity. Nowadays Bluetooth features are available in the market but still the basic wire connectivity is very essential. The wire with the help of which the device is connected to the selfie stick should have a wider connectivity.

Top 5 Selfie Stick found in 2019         

Some of the best selfie sticks found in the market in 2019 are:

  1. Zaap Aluminium Bluetooth Monopod Selfie Stick: It is one of the best selfie stick that has Bluetooth connectivity. You can convert the selfie stick into a tripod with just a simple pull. Thus you can shoot videos as well as click high quality photographs.
  2. Smiledrive sturdy extended selfie stand: This selfie stick is very easy to use and it has a 2 in 1 model tripod stand. It also has Bluetooth features and a removable clicker with rechargeable battery. It is also highly water-resistant.
  3.   V Can Self-Portrait Monopod extended selfie stick: It is one of the cheapest models among all the selfie sticks found in the market. It is simple to use and has a good grip. But it does not have Bluetooth connectivity.
  4. Vida Tripod Selfie Stick: This selfie stick has wireless Bluetooth connectivity that has a separate Bluetooth controller. It is easy to carry and is compatible with almost all devices.
  5. US19841288 Monopod Selfie stick: It not only works for the smartphone but also for the high-ended camera. It comes up with Bluetooth connectivity and rechargeable battery.