10 Best Small Snow Blowers

Best Small Snow Blowers
Oh Winter!!! Lots of snow all around the house and driveway and really hard work with the snow shovel. Even snow pusher or plow will be no use for large areas and you can only clean snow from top places using long snow rakes. With the best small snow blower, you hard work will easy and less time consuming. The snowfall rates always vary for different times and areas so before wasting your money buying a big snow blower, you should research about your area’s recent years snowfall rates and buy the best small snow blower for your home, yard and driveways.

Don’t mistake snow blower with snow thrower because they are two different types based on their working procedure. Please read the Snow Thrower vs. Snow Blower article before deciding which you need. You should read the Snow Blower Safety Tips guide before using or unpacking you snow blower.

Best Small Snow Blowers Comparison

NameEngine PowerCutting WidthCutting DepthView
Husqvarna ST224P208cc24 Inches20 InchesView on Amazon
Snow Joe iON18SB4 Ah 40 V18 Inches8 InchesView on Amazon
Briggs & Stratton 1696614208cc24 Inches20 InchesView on Amazon
Ariens Compact 24208cc24 Inches20 InchesView on Amazon
Poulan PRO PR300254cc30 Inches23 InchesView on Amazon
Troy-Bilt Storm 2625243cc26 Inches21 InchesView on Amazon
Power Smart DB7651208cc24 Inches20 InchesView on Amazon
Powerland PDST32389cc32 Inches22 InchesView on Amazon
Murray 1696030305cc29 Inches20 InchesView on Amazon
Yard Machines357cc31 Inches21 InchesView on Amazon

We created this top 10 small snow blowers list based on user experiences, reviews, comments and manufactures provided information. We researched a lot of snow blowers and then short listed this complete list. We hope this small snow blowers list will provide enough information to make you confident enough to buy the snow blower.

Best Small Snow Blower

Best Snow Blower Under 1100

Husqvarna ST224P 24-Inch 208cc Two Stage Electric Start Snow Blower

View on Amazon

Husqvarna ST224 is our top pick because it has all the features required for being the best small snow blower on the market. It has a strong 208cc engine along with remote chute rotator or deflector. The tires diameter is 15 inches, works perfectly on all types of surface and snow condition. This gas powered snow blower has electric start option to make your job easy. The snow blowing area is 24 inches width, the two stage snow blowing makes it easy to use for larger driveways and lawns. The skid shoes make this all surface working snow blower, and you can adjust the handle height as you see fit. Air will be mixed with snow using ribbon auger, and you can easily adjust speed using friction disc transmission.

Best Snow Blower for Women

Snow Joe iON18SB Ion Cordless Single Stage Brushless Snow Blower

View on Amazon

Snow Joe is a renowned snow blower and other household machinery manufacturing company and their Snow Joe iON18SB Ion Cordless Single Stage Brushless Snow Blower is one of their best snow blower for women. Although, this is a single stage snow blower but by no means it is inferior to those two stage snow blowers. It does its work perfectly and it is sure working snow blower we can guarantee. This is a lightweight blower with only 32lb weight and best for cleaning snow from driveways, decks and sidewalks. You must know you can use this small snow blower to clean snow from larger areas like lawn or bigger driveways. 4 Ah 40 V rechargeable lithium-ion battery will provide about 50 minutes snow cleaning without making noises. This electric small snow blower for women will be perfect for pollution free snow blowing. It cuts 8 inches deep with 18 inches width and it can blow around 500 lb snow per minute.

Best Snow Blower Under 800

Briggs & Stratton 1696614 Dual-Stage Snow Blower

View on Amazon

The dual stage snow blower of Briggs & Stratton is master piece and it does the snow blowing swiftly and perfectly. The snow cleaning path of this blower is 24 inches width and it can dig snow as deep as 20 inches so if you have really thick snow on your hard or driveways or lawn or sidewalks then this will be a great fit for you. This gas powered snow blower has strong 208cc engine with electric start option so starting this machine will be easy and smooth. The blower creates low noises comparing its gas powered engine with 9.5 foot/pound torque. This Briggs & Stratton snow blower comes with 3 years warranty for parts and engines.

Best Snow Blower for Elderly

Ariens Compact 24 in. 2-Stage Snow Blower

View on Amazon

When searching for snow blowers, you can ignore snow blowers from Ariens, because Ariens Snow Blowers are the leading snow blowers of this sector. Though, Ariens snow blowers are costlier than most of their counter parts but they worth every penny you will spent for their products. Ariens Compact 24 in. 2-Stage Snow Blower has superior engine with a long 24 inches snow cutting area. This 2 stage snow blower for elderly users has both electric and recoiled start facility so suite yourself as you see fit. It has 6 forward gears along with 2 backward gears. It can cut 20 inches deep hard snow with its 208cc powerful engine. The fuel tank capacity is 2.9 qt so you can use it longer times until all the snow are cleaned makes it the best snow blower for elderly users because refueling while blowing snow away is hard for elderly people. You will need snow socks or chains for this gas powered snow blower to work on slippery surface but its better to stick with snow tire chain instead of socks.

Best Snow Blower Under 1200

Poulan PRO PR300 – 30-Inch 254cc Two Stage Electric Start Snow Blower

View on Amazon

Looking for a powerful engine snow blower then you will surely like the Poulan PRO PR300 Two Stage Electric Start Snow Blower because it has a superior and powerful 254cc engine and the snow cutting width is 30 inches more than any other similar type snow blowers on the market. The 6 forward speed and 1 reverse speed can work finely with the friction disk transmission system. The power steering is handle mounted and the handle height can be adjusted. Using deflector control and console mounted chute, you can blow the snow anywhere you want. You can control the whole machine using single hand only. This two stage snow blower is good for larger and wider areas and it makes the job well done within shortest possible time.

Best Snow Blower Under 1000

Troy-Bilt Storm 2625 243cc Electric Start Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower

View on Amazon

Troy-Bilt Storm Gas Powered Two Stage Electric Start 243cc Snow Blower is another strong and powerful snow blower. Its two stages, make the snow cutting and blowing easy and accurate. It has 2 reverse gears along with 6 forward gears. The cutting width is 26 inches and the it can cut 21 inches deep at a time. It can be operated using only one hand and the steering is easily maneuverable. The chute direction can be adjusted to 200 degrees so you can set the snow blowing position almost every direction you like. The whole Troy-Bilt Snow Blower has 2 years limited warranty.

Power Smart DB7651 24 inch 208cc LCT Two-Stage Snow Blower

View on Amazon

Power Smart is a popular machinery manufacturing company and their snow blowers are popular among people who love quality products. Power Smart DB7651 LCT Snow Blower has 308cc powerful engine along with electric start feature. This is a two stage snow blower and its snow cutting width 24 inches, which is enough to clean medium sized driveway or sidewalk easily. It can cut 20 inches deep hard snow at a time and you can move the snow throwing chute about 180 degrees both ways so blowing snow any direction with precision strike is possible. The auger 12 inches serrated for best performance.

Powerland PDST32 32-Inch 389cc 13 HP OHV Gas Powered Two Stage Self Propelled Snow Blower

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Looking for a mighty powerful snow blower to use professionally for a large area, then Powerland PDST32 OHV Gas Powered Two Stage Self Propelled Snow Blower is the best choice snow blower for you. It has a cutting deck of 32 inches so larger area snow will be cleared in a few minutes. It can cut 20 inches or more deep snow so clearing your long yard will be a matter of time. The 13 HP OHV 4 stroke gas engine has a power of 389cc, that is huge capacity for a snow blower. The only disadvantage of this snow blower is that you can’t use it in small area, again who want this almighty powerful snow blower for small area snow cleaning.

Best Snow Blower Under 3000

Murray 1696030 1450 Snow Series 29-Inch Gas Powered 2-Stage Snow Blower

View on Amazon

Murray 1696030 1450 Snow Series Snow Blower is two staged snow blower. It has gas powered engine with electric start feature. The engine power is 305cc good enough for medium sized driveway, sidewalks, decks and lawns. 29 inches cutting width with 20 inches depth makes this an awesome snow blower. This self propelled snow thrower has 4 front gears and 2 reverse gears that makes it perfectly maneuverable.

Yard Machines 357cc Electric Start Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower

View on Amazon

This Yard Machines Snow Blower is another two stage gas powered self propelled snow blower with an engine power of 357cc which makes its a powerful home usable snow blower with ease. The OHV four stroke engine produces less sound and works smoothly as long as the fuel running and you fuel tank has higher capacity to complete a large amount of cleaning in short time without having it refueled. The 16 inches tires and 4.8 inches diameter to make operational for all types of surface. The cutting width is 31 inches with 21 inches depth cutting. Chute can be movable for 200 degrees so you can easily set snow blowing direction.

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