10 Best Snow Blower Safety Tips

Every year when the winter comes, ice and snow will create dangerous situation around your home, yard and sidewalk, and you should take snow blower’s safety precautions before doing anything. You should prepare beforehand to get out of this messy situation quickly. You should buy enough snow shoveling equipment or tools to do this by yourself.


Snow blowing can be easy if you know what you are doing and how to do it efficiently and easily. You should read the user manual, inspect your snow blower or thrower regularly and always maintain safety precautions. We have listed the 10 best snow blower safety tips and other safety tips below:

Snow Blower Safety Tips

Snow Blower Safety Tips

We divided this part into 4 sections, Before Starting, General Safety, Gas Snow Blower Safety and Electric Snow Shovels or Blowers Safety.

Before Starting

  • Read the user manual thoroughly and understand each part completely. Inspect your machine completely before starting each time.
  • Wear safety glasses and other safety clothing before starting your snow blower or snow thrower. Keep pets, children or bystanders out of your working areas.

General Safety Tips

  • Whenever you are using snow blower or thrower, you must make sure you know every part of the machine and how each part operate. If you have prior experience of snow blowing, don’t forget to read the user manual if you are using a new or different snow throwing machine.
  • Don’t remove the safety shield from your machine. Always keep it while operating the machine. If you get a blockage with your machine, first stop or shut down the machine completely and then use long stick or cleaning stick to remove the blockage. Never use your hands unless it is a must.
  • Never use snow thrower or blower in a small enclosed area because it can increase the possibilities for getting injured or decapitated several limbs. The machine can generate a large amount of carbon-mono-oxide and enclosed areas can make you inhale that gas, so use manual shovel in enclosed areas. You might need snow plow or snow rake based on situation too.
  • Make sure that the discharge chute is directed to a safer area because the snow blower or thrower will pull snow, ice, stone or other objects together so if you throw the snow anywhere people can get harmed or injured by it.

Gas Snow Blower Safety Tips

  • Use secure location to safely secure the gas after use and replace the gas pin everytime you use the machine. You should fill the fuel tank fully before starting your machine. You also buy snow socks or snow chains whichever you prefer but if you have icy surface then snow tire chains are better.
  • If the gas runs out while operating, first make sure that engine of the machine cooled down completely before adding fuel into it. Don’t add fuel while the machine is still hot.

Electric Snow Blower Safety Tips

  • The most important but neglected part of an electric snow thrower is the cord. Make sure you know where the cord is while throwing or blowing the snow of the machine and if needed stop and remove the cord accordingly.
  • Most of the accidents occurred using electric snow blower by severed cord or damaged cord. You can get life threating injury by getting shocked or electrocuted, or even you can die so make sure to keep safe the electric cord and after completing the task shut down the machine and remove the safety cord from electric connection immediately.


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