10 Best Ways for Boosting Sales on Amazon

Tips for Amazon Sales Boost

Selling products on Amazon is something you always want for your product selling business and learning ways for boosting sales on Amazon must be your top priority before start selling products on Amazon. According to research, more than 55% product searches on internet is done by Amazon and their total sells amount is over $120 Billion in last 12 months and increasing daily.


You must have heard of Amazon prime, they alone have over 55 Million members and listing into Prime will make your work ¼ th done. The overall number of Amazon member is over 300 Million around the same number of population of USA. All the product sold in Amazon, most of them done with Prime so you must target that before preparing for other things.

We have researched for a week to find the best ways for boosting sales on Amazon and there are many ways and tips for selling on Amazon to choose from and honestly speaking most of them are effective and efficient. But not all of them will be useful for all types of products. Some tips for selling on Amazon are for specific products and some are universal. We checked the interviews of most popular and successful Amazon Sell Individuals to make our Amazon selling tips list. We tried and tried, then we short listed the top 10 Amazon selling tips below.

Boosting Sales on Amazon

1. Optimize Your Listing

Before doing anything try to fully optimize your listing on Amazon and make sure you fill all the options of listing. Do some research about how to optimize your listing on Amazon and then check thoroughly the Amazon Listing Guidelines. Make sure all are done according to the guidelines and you are done completing the listing.

2. Use Amazon Keyword Tools

Don’t think for a single time, that Amazon is different than Google. Both works the same for searches, and Amazon is a product search engine along with a selling platform. So whenever you list a product, use the Amazon keyword tools like the Google Adwords keyword planner so get the least competitive keywords with highest search volume. This is an important part for boosting Amazon sales in a short time.

3. Use More Marketing Channels

You may think that you are selling on Amazon so you have to focus on Amazon selling but no, you shouldn’t do that. Use other marketing channel for your products on Amazon like Google ads, Facebook ads or something like them. Its better having your own store to sell your products along with Amazon. Use different social media sites and other sites to advertise and let people know about your products. It’s a good way to get more sells in a short while.

4. Avoid Unnecessary Errors with Delivery and Products Specifications

Don’t provide any wrong or biased information about your products, make sure that your customers know all about your products before they buy them. This way you will get more customers satisfactory results and reviews along with better rating. You have to be extra careful with the shipping and delivery services so that no miss-shipping or extra delay happens for your products.

5. Products Must Worth Every Cent

People are buying from you so you must provide good items so that they will be satisfied. People often buys products they want to have but if you provide products those don’t provide what the customers want then you will lose customers fast and your reputation will be ruined in no time. So, keep the pricing label as the market demands not so high or low.

6. Product Description and Specifications

You must add detailed product description and provide enough images of your products so that customers can get better ideas by reading and watch images of your products. It will be better if you can include a video along with product description. Your customers aren’t some professionals about your products so make the specifications simple enough for the customers who have less or zero technical info about your products.

7. Brand Your Product

You must brand your products. Use your brand to provide detailed info and description along with high quality images and videos. Do marketing all over the internet on the right places. You must have your own website and register your brand with Amazon to get full effect of this. Make sure all your customers give full ratings along with good reviews. Make sure all of them put their reviews on Amazon so that you can standout your competitors.

8. Analyze Your Competitors

When you want to launch a product on Amazon, you have to analyze other vendors who are already selling the same product. Check how they are selling, marketing and delivering their products and compare your product and price with them. See, that they are providing and what you are lacking. Be sure to satisfy all your customers’ needs before even launching your product.

9. Make Your Product Based on Your Customers’ Needs

Research the type of product you will be launching and check reviews of similar quality products from others on Amazon. See, what more features or options they want with the same products. Then make the product fulfilling as many as the required features by customers and then highlight those extra features along the base features of your product. Surely, this will get you a lot of sales and satisfying customers.

10. Pricing Your Products

Though, this is last of the boosting Amazon sales list, but this may be the most important of them all. Don’t keep your product price too high or low. Keep the price within reasonable range so that all types customers can buy it. Try to provide discount on different occasions and add extra parts with your products for free so that people can get 2 in 1 options like if you are selling camera then give a strap free with it.

There are many more tips for Amazon sales boost but if you want to play fair and square and want to do business for long time with good reputation then these tips will help you start and boost your sales within no time. In longer run, you may have to change your strategy as situation demands so keep that in mind too.


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