You probably won’t experience many more exciting things in your life than buying a horse. Beyond the fact that you are investing in an animal that you will cherish; you are entering into a relationship that will last several years. However, if you have no experience in buying a horse; making the right decisions to find your ideal “perfect horse” can be overwhelming or even intimidating.

In this post, we will take you through 10 expert tips that will help you in choosing your perfect horse.


Choosing the perfect horse that you will appreciate for years to come takes more than having the money to buy one. Here are 10 tips that will help guide you toward  making the right choice when it comes to buying the perfect horse:

  1. GO FOR A HORSE THAT “FITS” YOU: The first thing you should do is find the horse of the perfect height and weight. Hands are the measurement scale for horses and one hand is about 4 inches. There is no fast rule for choosing the perfect horse height. Just make sure that the horse is not too small for you as this may injure your horse. Make sure that your weight is no more than 20% of the horse’s weight.
  2. GO FOR THE PERFECT BREED: Ponies and Horses have more than 340 breeds. This implies that you have a wealth of breeds to choose from, depending on what you intend to use the horse for. Each breed has its weaknesses and strengths. For instance, cowboys prefer Quarter Horses is that they are the perfect breed for rodeo entertainment and manual labor. Hence, the importance of studying horse breeds before making a purchase. Learn more about choosing the perfect horse from Mr.Iceland.
  3. GO FOR WHAT FITS RIGHT INTO YOUR PERSONALITY: Some horse breeds are energetic while some are calm. Every horse breed has its individual calmness levels. Hence, the need to watch for the horse personality that suits yours.
  4. GO FOR SIMILAR LEVEL OF EXPERIENCE: It is no secret in horse communities that green riders should only ride green horses. This means that you should choose a horse that has not been ridden often if you are inexperienced. Going for a horse whose experience is much greater than yours is an accident waiting to happen.
  5. DON’T FORGET YOUR RIDING OBJECTIVES: You need to itemize your riding goals before going out to buy a horse. If your goal is horse riding competitions, go for a horse breed that suits that. Also, go for a horse in its prime.
  6. AVOID GOING ALONE: You increase your chances of finding the perfect horse that suits your goals if you go with someone who understands horses. It is better to go with an experienced eye when buying a horse than going alone. Discuss your riding goals with the person going with you.
  7. ALWAYS ASK QUESTIONS: Take some time out to list a few questions before purchasing a horse. Ask questions about why they want to sell the horse and how old the horse is. Don’t forget to find out the medical history of the horse. Experts suggest that you begin riding a horse that is between 2 and 3 years old.
  8. HANDLING IS BELIEVING: Don’t just take the word of the seller for it. Take the horse on a test ride before making any purchase. This will give you more info about the horse than even the most honest seller ever could. Avoid going alone.
  9. INSPECT WITH A VETERINARIAN: As stated earlier, it is safer to have a second opinion to verify the words of the seller. Ask a veterinarian to examine the horse to check for any hidden medical issues that might be of concern.
  10. DON’T BE IN A RUSH: Avoid being in a hurry to purchase a horse. Although horse riding and building a relationship with your horse can be fun;  taking adequate care of one can be demanding. Make sure you can the time necessary for your research before concluding.

If you follow the tips above religiously, choosing the perfect horse will be as easy as ABC.