10 Right Ways Of Using Underwater Metal Detector

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Generally, underwater is the place where we always find the treasure. Hundreds of thousands are losing their precious things in the underwater every day.

Underwater metal detector are different than the standard detector. Underwater metal detectors are working up to 190 feet in the deep ocean. This kind of metal detectors uses to handle high pressure into the ocean.


Metal detectors are as if you have a thing to wear on the ears when you passed by any metal object you hear a beep.  When you hear the beep sound, you have to visualize and have to think where these sound came from. When you find the spot just remove the sand carefully because there is a high risk of losing the treasure

Underwater is something that not everyone is hunting every day, so there is a high chance to find something precious. If you are hunting underwater and if you did not use an underwater metal detector then you should try it out and here I am going to brief you about using the Underwater metal detector.

1. Get the Right Metal Detector

Underwater metal detectors are different according to the water like salt water or fresh water.

If you are going in ponds or a river then you need to use a metal detector who has the very low frequency. These kind of metal detectors are so strong and can find small things like a ring or bracelet.

If you are planning to hunt into the saltwater like sea then you need to use a pulse induction detector. These detectors do not affect by wet sand.  These kind of metal detectors are not that sensitive like the very low-frequency detector.  Treasure Cove TC-7010 is the best in the business now in the market for seal hunting. Check for the right metal detector brands.

2. Get the Right Accessories

Best Underwater Metal DetectorMost of the time with the metal detector you will get the headphones. You should wear that because of the density of the voice It feels noisy in the deep sea water. These headphones will reduce the maximum amount of noise and let you focus on your hunt. To carry a detector you need to carry one bag and sand scoop, it will help you a lot when you are doing the hunting.

3. Perfect Settings in the Metal Detector

While you are hunting under water, the margin of error is too small. You have to keep the settings of the metal detector based on how deep you want to go in the water. To get the right kind of frequency you can try coin or any metal thing.


4. Right Technique is Essential in Hunting the Treasure

Getting the technique right while searching under water. The reason is you are always in motion when you are finding something under the water. You have to make the imaginary path to go ahead for that reason right technique is important for that you can visit here

5. Getting Into the Right Areas

When you decide to hunt, you need to find the most crowded place on the water because it has a very high chance to find something valuable. Apart from that, you have to make sure that you hunt in the daytime because it will not be a cup of tea for you in the dark.

6. Right Timing to Hunt

The underwater metal detector depends on the Mother Nature, you have to understand it. When you start searching on the beach make sure it has been low tide. This will give you the best chance to find in the deep sea.  You need to use the current so it will guide you toward the potential sand. It happens often that ocean carries the heavyweight valuable with it. You can find it so many things and that is the reason that if you find a few things like a bracelet or something keeps searching the same area.

Underwater hunt can take a toll on you if you follow the instruction above mentioned then you have a great chance to find the treasure.

7. Pick the Best Time to Hunt

8. Always Ready to Get Help

9. Make Sure to Have a Second Option if the Main One Fails

10. Be Ready for Anything