10 Strange Facts from History You Probably Didn’t Learn in School

10 Strange Facts from History

History is a very extensive subject. Most of the occasion, it has to be broken up into several diverse classifications to make it more manageable. Since this topic is so broad, there is absolutely no method you can cover it all, particularly not in great detail.


But sometimes those detail that have a little fun and contains some weird names you can use to wow your friends are the most interesting things of all. They also contain some questions which you can also play trivia quiz that are related to some historical facts. Here are 19 weird historical facts you probably didn’t learn in school. Some of them will astonish you, some will puzzle you and some will entertain you.

1. The Anglo-Zanzibar war of 1896 is the little war on record long-lasting an strenuous 38 minutes without any warship.

2. At the establishment of the American Civil War, the commander of the confederate army, General Robert E. Lee did not have any slaves. The victor of the clash union general Ulysses Grant did. In addition, the constitution of the confederate states of America expelled the trade of slaves while the Union constitution did not.

3. A man from New Orleans employed a pirate to liberate Napoleon from his deport to the island of St. Helena.

4. In his room of college, Lord Byron reserved a pet bear.

5. U.S. President Ronald Reagan was a life protector in high school. He has been qualified for saving 77 lives.

6. In 1929, researchers in Princeton supervised to turn a live cat into a wholly purposeful telephone.

7. The New York Daily Tribune had an odd reporter in Germany.

8. Napoleon was harassed or attacked once by some rabbits.


9. Napoleon was once harassed by rabbits. And now I have seen online that some people create funny memes over that situation, you can find plenty of images on it.

10. The shortest battle in history is between England and Zanzibar. It lasted for a whole 38 minutes.

American Civil War

We also added some extra facts below along with the top 10 strange facts from history to provide more info and you will gather more knowledge this way.

11. The Austrian army in 1788 assaulted itself. 10,000 men were the dead.

12. All British battle tanks since 1945 are prepared with tea making services.

13. The cause for creating the vibrator was to treat or examine hysteria, as doctors were taking too extended to masturbate the patients manually.


14. Warner Brothers Entertainment Company was established a small number of months before the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

15. In 1911, pigtails were not allowed in China as a reference to its feudal past.

16. In the 1800s, it was considered a vindictive and strange punishment to nourish convicts and prisoners with lobster.

17. Essentially the similar formula used today for concrete that is to be used underwater was formed in 25BC by the ancient Romans.

18. From the late 19th century and up to 1916, it was prohibited for British soldiers to cut off their mustache.

19. The only well-known medical procedure with 300% mortality rate was performed in 1847 when a doctor performed an amputation in 25 seconds. His quickness was such, that he also amputated his assistant’s fingers. Both the patient and the assistant passed away from sepsis, as well as a spectator, who passed away from the shock of what he saw.