10 Types of Shower Heads

Types of Shower Heads

Coming home after a long day of work, the first thing everybody wants to have is a refreshing shower with shampoo. There are different types of shower heads available on the market and you can categorize then based on their working procedure and designs.

10 Common Shower Head Types

while looking for the most suitable shower head for your bathroom, you can be astonished to find a wide range and variety of shower heads to choose from. There are the high pressure shower head and regular spray shower head but they aren’t the only shower heads on the market you can find many more.

We are here to help you limit the search within 10 most common types of shower heads and you can whether you want any or some of them. They are the most popular types of shower heads in the world and you can pick anyone you like.

Single Spray Traditional Shower Head

1. Single Spray Traditional Shower Head

This is the most common shower head available on the market and about 50% of the current shower heads used by people is this single spray traditional shower head. If you don’t know which one to choose then you can buy this shower head.

Dual Shower Head

2. Dual Shower Head

Dual shower head is the dual version of the single spray or rain shower head. As the name suggest this shower head has to two showering panel for the water fall and it can work on larger areas at a time than traditional shower head. The only disadvantage of this shower head is that it will cost twice amount of water so if you have water rationing problem then you should avoid it.

Rain Shower Head

3. Rain Shower Head

Rain shower head spreads same amount of water like the traditional shower head but fall for a wide area thus making the water pressure really low comparing with other types of shower heads. So, if you want low pressure shower head then rain shower head best for you.

High Pressure Shower Head

4. High Pressure Shower Head

If you need high pressure shower water to reduce your all day working stress then you should get this high pressure shower head. There are many variety of this type shower head and you should choose carefully the best high pressure shower head according to your needs.

Hand-Held Shower Head

5. Hand-Held Shower Head

If you want a lot of flexibility for using the shower head then you must get the hand-held shower head. It will provide you all option to wash your whole body by moving the shower head all over your body and its only disadvantage is you have to always hold the shower head.

Eco-Friendly Shower Head

6. Water-Saving or Eco-Friendly Shower Head

As the name suggest Water-Saving or Eco-Friendly Shower Head will save a lot water from being wasted. You can control the water flow and pressure as you see fit and if you are considerate about wasting less water or you have limited amount of water to spare then it is perfect fit for your need.

Ceiling Mount Shower Head

7. Ceiling Mount Shower Head

Ceiling Mount Shower Head is fitted on the ceiling and it comes with many sizes but usually they are larger than other types of shower heads. It will spread water from the ceiling and cover larger areas with low pressure shower water and is good for gentle and calm shower.

Sliding Bar Shower Head

8. Sliding Bar Shower Head

If you have different heights people at your home like having children with lower height then you will need shower with their height too. To solve this problem, Sliding Bar Shower Head will help you. You can adjust the height of the shower using this Sliding Bar Shower Head.

Filtered Shower Head

9. Filtered Shower Head

If you are having fizzy hair or dry skin problem then you should consider having a filtered shower head. This filtered shower head will filter extra chlorine, salt, hard water and scale from the water and you will have a nice shower under calm water.

Shower Panel

10. Shower Panel or Body Spray Shower Head

Need a complete spray shower from different height of showers then you should consider getting the Shower Panel or Body Spray Shower Head. It provides body spray options from the shower panel from different heights so you can feel water on your body differently.

Those are the list of most popular and available types of shower heads. There are many other variation of shower heads to choose from and if you need custom made shower head then some company also offer that facility but you may have to spend more than regular price. If you find this article informative and like it then please share it with others.