10 Unique and Fascinating Jewelry Pieces That You Can Gift to Your Friends

Unique and Fascinating Jewelry Pieces
Choosing a present for your loved ones is often a time-consuming and challenging task. It gets even more difficult if you have no clue about their likes and dislikes. Today, everyone wants to have something trending as their birthday gift – be it the heart-shaped locket or an exclusive handbag. Jewellery is something that every woman would love to have as their present. It doesn’t have to be a heavy gold, traditional style necklace. In fact, anything that looks classy and trending will work wonders.

In this post, we’ll help you find out some of the classiest and fascinating jewellery pieces that you could gift to your female best friend. Let’s get straight to the list:

1. Initial Necklace

You must have seen a plain monogrammed necklace with certain names engraved in it. If you are looking for a personalized gift for your best friend, then this will be an ultimate option. The necklace featuring the initials of your friend’s name will make her day.

This customized piece of jewellery goes well with almost all outfits including the traditional wears. Moreover, the Initial monogrammed necklace comes in a wide range of styles such as the diamond-embellished initial pendants to gold studded letters.

2. Fashionable Rings

Do you want to gift fashionable and trending jewellery without spending a fortune? The ring is your pick then! Nowadays, infinity style and heart-shaped rings are in trend. You can also opt for rings embellished with precious stones. If you want your present to look personalized and interesting, try a gold ring with the initial of your friend’s name engraved in it.

3. Hoop Earrings

A pair of contemporary hoop earrings are a perfect example of simplicity and sophistication. They look perfect with western and traditional outfits. Your friend will love to have a pair of hoop earrings in her closet. The best part is that this jewellery piece is available in different styles and sizes. So, you don’t have to stick to those classical, heavy, and huge earnings.

Select from the understated earrings or statement pieces. Either way, hoop earrings make a perfect gift option for birthdays. If you have a female best friend, you should definitely consider this exceptional jewellery piece for the gift.

4. Cocktail Ring

Does your friend like to go bold with her accessories? Well, she would love to get a cocktail ring as her birthday gift. The speciality of the gemstone cocktail ring is its large size and vibrant colour. It has a single, huge, and precious gemstone engraved in the middle. Some pieces have additional tiny stones surrounding the main gemstone. The stone is way too huge and sparkling to be ignored. It looks even better when you wear it in the light.

Such rings are mostly worn at fancy parties and special occasions. But, they can also be worn in informal events. You don’t need to pair it with additional jewellery or other accessories since the heavy gemstone is enough to draw the viewer’s attention. Fortunately, these rings are cheaper than gold or heavy-embellished jewellery.

5. Photo Locket

Surprise your female best friend with a heart-shaped or simple photo locket on her birthday. These lockets not only look elegant on your neck but allow you to put photos of your loved once inside the pendant.

Put the photo of both of you inside the locket. Your friend will be surprised to see a wonderful photo. The photo locket acts as the symbol of your friendship and love.

Have you purchased a gift for your friend yet? Consider the above-listed jewellery pieces for your female best friend and buy her the best pendants or rings on her birthday.