Snow Thrower vs. Snow Blower Top 10 Differences

Is there any difference between a snow thrower and a snow blower? Of course, they work differently though the end result is just removing snow from one place to another. Before we differentiate between the snow thrower and snow blower, we must know what they are and how they work and also safety procedures. To clear snow from roof or other high areas, snow thrower or blower will be of no use, you will need snow rakes for sure. Also, tire chains are important for both snow blower or thrower so don’t forget to get them. There is another alternative for snow chains named snow socks, so first compare the snow chains and snow socks then get the one most suitable for you.

Snow Thrower and Snow Blower

Snow Thrower

The snow thrower is a single stage machine, that pulls snow within the machine using auger and get the snow out using the discharge chute. There is no other process involved and the snow can’t be moved long distance using a snow thrower. It is good for small time snow removing from small areas like electric snow shovels.


Snow Blower

Snow blower is a two or double staged machine, where the machine uses auger to pull snow into the machine and then uses high speed impeller. And the impeller blows the snow out with high speed and accuracy using discharge chute. When snow shovels or snow pushers don’t work then your best possible option is snow blowers.

Snow Thrower vs. Snow Blower

Now we know about both the machines and we can determine that their main difference is about their working procedure and internal mechanism. We have listed the top 10 differences of Snow Thrower vs. Snow Blower below:

Snow Thrower vs Snow Blower

1. Stages

Snow throwers have single stage where snow blowers have two stages. Means, snow throwers will complete the task in 1 stage and snow blower will complete the in 2 stages.

2. Mechanism or Working Procedure

The auger of snow blowers pulls snows and the discharge chute sends the snow out. Where snow blowers pull snow using auger in one stage and in the second stage use the impeller to blow the snow out.

3. Power

Usually, snow blowers are more powerful than snow thrower because they have to do twice more task than the snow throwers.

4. Moving Snows

Snow thrower can pull snow from one spot and put them in another spot. They can’t throw them away long distance only a few inches or centimeters where the snow blower can throw the snow 40-60 feets away with better accuracy.

5. Size

Snow blowers are bigger than snow throwers. Usually they are wider and more powerful. Snow blowers have strong structure than the snow throwers.

6. Working Area

If you want to clear a sidewalk then snow thrower will be better for you but if you need to clear larger areas then snow blower will be the best suited option for you.

7. Cost

Snow throwers have reasonable prices. Anyone with a budget income can easily afford it. But snow blowers have higher prices than snow throwers. Usually a snow blower costs two or times more than a snow thrower so if you don’t have a big area to clean or heavy snow fall then buy snow thrower instead of snow blower.

8. Types

Usually, snow throwers are good for small areas and operating is fairly easy. It doesn’t come with different types where snow blowers have professional, consumer, prosumer and heavy types.

9. Maintenance

Maintaining snow throwers are easy and less costly where snow blowers are costlier than them. You can easily make small tweaks and maintenance jobs on your snow throwers just by reading the user manual but doing mid-level tweaks on snow blowers will require expert services.

10. Power Source

Both snow blower and snow thrower uses either electricity or gas as power source. Snow throwers require less power to operate so most of them are electric where snow blowers require larger power to operate so most of them are gas powered.


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