Top 10 American Perfume Brands

Comparing with European perfume brands, American perfume brands have less history and experience on the fragrance market, but by no means they are inferior to the European perfume brands. Though most of the popular American perfume brands are new on the markets than the European counter parts but they are fighting evenly on the perfume market with them.

Best American Perfume Brands

French Perfumes, Italian Perfumes, British Perfumes have their share of extravagant glory and history. They are also classy and legendary brands but American perfumes also have a lot of fan all over the market. Even if you compare then with the European brands then you will see Americans have more popularity than them. Please check our top 10 American perfume brands list below:

1. Aramis

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As one of the oldest men’s only perfume brands, Aramis brand was introduced in 1964. All their products always have most classy and traditional feelings and because of this they are always modern among their competitors. It started as a departmental store men’s prestige perfume but now sold over 120 countries of the world. Aramis is our top pick of the list of American perfume brands.

2. Calvin Klein

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We pick Calvin Klein as our second choice. Everybody may think they are just a fashion brand but not much of a fragrance brand. Those who think that are wrong. They are on the fragrance business over decades and they have a lot of high quality affordable perfumes. A lot of celebrities promote their perfumes because of the classy and satisfactory perfumes they make.

3. Victoria’s Secret

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As our third pick Victoria’s Secret is a popular name in the American fragrance market. They have over 250 varieties of perfume and still increasing. Victoria’s Secret is one of the bestselling women’s accessories brand of the country.  This is a woman only brand so all their perfumes are for women’s use.

4. Pacifica

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Pacifica gets the fourth place of our top 10 list of American perfume brands. They have a large collection of classy and legendary scent perfumes. They made perfumes for both men and women. They also some perfumes those are unisex. Provide 100% customer satisfaction and they always care for their customers.

5. Ralph Lauren

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This is one of the leading fashion brands in America. It has a lot of showrooms all over the world so you can say that it is an international brand. The quality of Ralph Lauren products is extra ordinary and even their competitors can’t argue with that. They have a large collection perfumes with different fragrances and scents along with exciting bottle designs.

6. Jennifer Lopez

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Jennifer Lopez started her own fragrance brand in 2002. She was the first among celebrities who started her own fragrance brand. There are a lot of varieties of her perfumes and all of their perfumes for women only. Some of her perfumes have extreme odor scent for specific use only but others have gentle and comfortable odors and scent.

7. Abercrombie & Fitch

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Our next choice is the famous fashion brand Abercrombie & Fitch. They started their business in 1894 and they are New York based public company. Their targeted customers are kids and young people around the age of 18-25. They have a lot of different fragrance and scent perfumes to satisfy the changing and wild nature of young people.

8. Demeter

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Demeter Fragrance Library also known only Demeter in the fashion market sector is a reputable brand. They maintain top quality and guaranteed satisfaction for all their products on the market. They are a reputable name on the perfume sectors for providing quality and classy perfumes since they started their perfume branch.

9. Tom Ford

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Anyone who has knowledge about the fashion sector will know about Tom Ford. Tom Ford was the popular creative director on famous Gucci brand of Italy. Then he resigned and created his own brand which he named as his name. All his perfumes have his preferences and designs for the scent and bottle design and as you know him, he always creates masterpieces.

10. Tokyo Milk

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TokypMilk is a famous and popular cosmetics company from America and its main business runs within the country. All their perfumes have antique looks and feels along with dedicated comfort and satisfaction to their users. The new collection named Tokyo Milk Dark has black cover along with extra strong and mature flavors for all their products.