Top 10 Biggest Snow Storm of All Time

Biggest Snow Storm of All Time

Snow Storm is a crisis for human civilization. It harms so much to those areas where it happens. Sometime it cross its line and then life of those areas become disconnected with other areas. We believe in different, so this is the Top 10 Biggest Snow Storm of All Time. This Top 10 Biggest Snow Storm of All Time was so dangerous and took many people’s lives. Here it is.

1. The Blizzard of 1967: The Blizzard of 1967 was happened in Midwestern, U.S. This region has suffered through many brutal blizzards and monstrous snow storms but it was so dangerous. Many parts of this region are not as popular as eastern U.S., that’s why the effects of these storms haven’t been as acute. In this storm snow totals topped 2 feet and winds exceeded 50mph. the storm left 76 dead. It set the record for a 24-hour snowfall in Chicago. So The Blizzard of 1967 is in the 1st position of this Top 10 Biggest Snow Storm of All Time.

2. The Buffalo Blizzard of 1977: A modest snowfall and brutal winds averaging 45 mph, with guts of 75 mph would have made for a nasty storm at any time. White snow was covered the lakes and grounds. The result was zero visibility and roads blocked by snow. The storm brought intense cold. The temperature dropped more than 20 degrees in just a few hours. The conditions led to 29 deaths in Western New York and Southern Ontario. The effects were felt into Canada as far east as Water-town. The Buffalo Blizzard of 1977 is in the 2nd position of this Top 10 Biggest Snow Storm of All Time.

3. The Great Snow of 1717: The Great Snow of 1717 was a series of four storms that hit in late February and early March of 1717. The storm was so acute in New England, Philadelphia and Boston. That winter was a snowy one. 5feets snow was already on the ground when the great snow began to fall. Total 25 feet snow did fall. Because of this mass snow storm the transportation between New York and Boston was stopped for a few weeks. The Great Snow of 1717 is in the 3rd position of this Top 10 Biggest Snow Storm of All Time.

4. The New England Blizzard of 1978: This horrible storm stalled over New England for more than a day dropping up to 4 inches of snow per hour. Boston and several communities were hit hardest even New York City also. The meteorologists estimate snow totals between 1 and 3 feet with Boston’s total accumulation of 27.1 inches setting the city’s single-storm record. The speed of wind average was 100mph. The storm hit at the time of high tides in afternoon. Because of its timing led storm’s high death rate. More than 100 people died in this storm. That’s why The New England Blizzard of 1978 is in the 4th position of this Top 10 Biggest Snow Storm of All Time.

5. The Eastern Canadian Blizzard of 1971: Quebec and Ontario has suffered most because of this The Eastern Canadian Blizzard of 1971. In the March, a powerful storm comes from Atlantic Ocean created classic blizzard conditions throughout eastern Canada as well as Montreal and two other regions. Before the snowfall storm produced heavy wind. It was the remarkable snow storm in Canadian history. The 5th position of this Top 10 Biggest Snow Storm of All Time belongs to The Eastern Canadian Blizzard of 1971.

6. Mount Shasta, California 1959: In 1959, a storm dumped a huge amount of snow on Mount Shasta, California. The 189 inches of snow recorded at the Mount Shasta Ski Bowl is the largest snowfall from a single storm in North America. The storm couldn’t harm so much because the people of Mount Shasta used to face snow storms and their houses were made as prevent ably. The snow had fallen on the uncivilized area and a few people noticed that it had broken the record of snowfall. This storm is in the 6th position of this Top 10 Biggest Snow Storm of All Time.

7. Lhunze County, Tibet 2008: Beautiful Tibet is known for some of the world’s tallest mountains including Mount Everest. In the winter it remains unbelievable cold. Some passes through the Himalayas remain passable throughout the year because of the low snowfall rates. The snow storm that hit Lhunze County in October 2008 was a shock to its citizens. Some villagers experienced continuous snow fall for 36 hours, dropping five or six feet of snow on the ground. So many buildings were collapsed and seven people died in that storm. The economic effect of the storm was so cruel. This large storm is in the 7th position of this Top 10 Biggest Snow Storm of All Time.

8. New York City Blizzard of 2006: This storm was quite mild; it covered a smaller area than other major snow storms and didn’t have high winds. In fact, it wasn’t technically a blizzard at all. But this storm is notable for hitting New York. The weather station at New York’s Central Park Zoo recorded a total of 26.9 inches of snow from the storm. It has broken the record of snowfall which was set in 1947. This is in the 8th position of this Top 10 Biggest Snow Storm of All Time.

9. The Storm of the Century 1993: In 1993, an early March storm surged up the east coast of the United States unleashing snow and wind on a wider area than any other storm in recorded history. Parts of 26 states were hit; roughly half of the entire U.S. population was affected, including many large cities. Two hundred and seventy Americans were killed. These storm numerous weather records. A low temperature of minus 12 degrees Fahrenheit was recorded at Burlington. Total 40 inch snow was fallen and wind speed topped 70 mph in places. The 9th position of this Top 10 Biggest Snow Storm of All Time belongs to The Storm of the Century 1993.

10. The Blizzard of 1888: This snow storm was so massive it became a historical event. In terms of storm severity factors, this one had it all: enormous amounts of snow, frigid temperatures, howling winds whipping up monstrous snow drifts and a widespread area of effect that covered the entire northeastern United States. More than 400 people died in this storm including 100 who lost in the sea. The storm struck in early March and started out as a serious rain storm.  In the end New York City received 22 inches of snow and other place received more than 58 inches. This strong snow storm is in the 10th position of this Top 10 Biggest Snow Storm of All Time.

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