Top 10 Books on Photography


Best Books on Photography

People are very curious to know about the Top 10 List of different matters. In this time we write our Top 10 List on Photography. In our Top 10 List we bring Top 10 List of book on Photography. We hope that the audience will like it.

1. The Hot Shoe Diaries: This book is written by famous photographer Joe McNally. You can learn lots of stuff about off-camera flashing, which is vast branch of photography. This book is very much liked by the professional photographers.

2. The Moment it Clicks: This book is also written by Joe McNally. Not only does he talk about the lighting and setups for his photos, but also the people-oriented side of photography required working with subjects and editors, and plenty of odd and entertaining stories from his career. This book is very useful for the new photographer.

3. Material World (A Global Family Portrait): This book is written by Peter Menzel. It is one of the best books on photography. One of the best done, most informative, and best executed concepts you have had the pleasure of reading.

4. The 35mm Handbook: This famous book on photography is written by Michael Freeman. Published in 1980 by Ziff Davis its 320 pages are packed with almost encyclopedic content on everything from Techniques to Application. By reading this book you can know almost all basic things about photography.

5. The DAM Book: This book is written by famous photographer Peter Krogh. If you want to be a photographer then this book will help you. By reading this book you can know how a photographer can have a professional workflow that treats the entire collection of images as an asset and increases the value of that asset. This book is mainly written on Digital Asset Management.

6. Understanding Exposure: This book is written by Bryan Peterson. How to Shoot Great Photographs with a Film or Digital Camera would be the one. It’s written in such a simple way and is the book that turned on the lights for me as far as exposure control goes.

7. Within the Frame: It is a very interesting book on photography. This book is written by David Duchemin. In this book he discusses photographing people, landscapes, and more – this book focuses a bit on the human element.

8. The Negative: This famous book of photography is written by Ansel Adams. By this book you can know the Zone System and his focus on pre visualizing help you to improve my own photos.

9. The Photograph: “The Photograph” is a great book on composition; it goes way beyond the basics (rule of thirds). The book has been around for some time but was just recently published in English.

10. Mountain Light: In the Top 10 List of photography books we keep Mountain Light in the 10th place. Galen Rowell is the writer of this book. . Each shot in the book is simply amazing and he gives in great detail how he did it but more importantly why he did it that way. The images are inspiring and the text is entertaining and informational.