Top 10 Boston Marathon Gears for Men

As the oldest annual marathon of the world, Boston Marathon has become a legendary event. People from all over the world come to join this historical event. Joining the race is difficult because either you have to be a certified marathon runner or you have to donate a large sum to the charity. So, if you can’t join the marathon then just attend as a spectator. You can also join the Boston Half Marathon.

Best Boston Marathon Gears for Men

Before running the marathon, you have to prepare to run a long race like marathon. It will require months of training to prepare for a marathon. You also have to learn about the Boston Marathon Course and Boston Marathon Running Tips to get better and broader ideas. After completing your preparation, join a few half marathons to check whether you are ready or not. You must have all the Boston Marathon Gears to fully prepare and join the race. This list for men’s only for women check our Top 10 Women’s Marathon Gears. Here is our top 10 Boston marathons running gears list:

1. Boston Running Tank Tops

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Tank tops or singlet is the first of the top 10 Boston marathon gears list, because you must have a perfect and suitable tank top to wear to join the race. There are many one the market and our first choice is the ASICS Men’s Ready-Set Tank Top. The tank top is soft, comfortable and flexible to body size.

2. Boston Running Shorts

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Running short is the next item of our list. You have to wear a fit and comfortable short to run the Boston Marathon. Anything too tight or loose will be a problem to run a marathon. You need to wear a perfect fit running shorts. Champion Men’s Long Mesh Short With Pockets will be the best fit for this purpose. It is soft and comes with different sizes so you can buy the best fit one for you.

3. Boston Running Shoes

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Shoes is the most important gear for any type of running and if you buy low quality shoes for running then you will suffer for sure. Try to buy the shoes those have longer life span and comfortable for longer running for marathon type races. adidas Performance Men’s Speed Running Shoe is our pick because of its comfort and durable nature. You will also like it once you wear and run with it. Buy this for the practice run then you will surely wear it on the main event.

4. Boston Running Socks

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A fully fit and comfortable pair of socks is needed for races and choosing the right pair of running socks isn’t an easy task. You can buy the best pair of compression socks if you like. Try using different types of socks and choose from the best fit and comfortable one for you. adidas Men’s Athletic Crew Socks can be the best option for your marathon running socks.

5. Boston Marathon Jackets

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You may think why you will need a jacket for marathon in spring, but you can be wrong. The weather can be little bit colder than you expected and it can be rainy too. So, having a running jacket will be good option for you. If you will need it while running, then wear it but it has no need then don’t wear. Choose the best one the market has to offer for marathon running and adidas Men’s Athletics Essential Woven Jacket can be a better choice.

6. Boston Running Hydration Packs

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You will require water and energy drinks while running the Boston Marathon. Though there will be a lot marathon support staffs and volunteers who will offer drinks while running the marathon but to be on the safe side bring your own drinks. To carry the drinks you will require a hydration pack. Hydration Pack with Backpack Water Bladder will be perfect fit for this. It can carry the drinks along with all the necessary small items like towel, watch, wallet, phone etc.

7. Boston Marathon Sunglasses

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While the Boston Marathon time the sun will be up mostly. So you will need to wear sunglasses to be safe from the sunlight. It will save your eyes and help you keep your concentration on the running. Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses will save you from the sunlight and keep you concentrated on the race.

8. Boston Marathon Sunscreens

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Sunscreen is a must for marathon running because you will be running for a long time under the sun and surely your skin will get harm if you don’t use sunblock or sunscreen. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen will be a good pick if you want to keep the sunscreen for a longer time and also wanna be safe from UV rays from the sun.

9. Boston Marathon Hats

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Wearing hat or visor will be handy while running. The hat or visor will save your face from the sunlight and keep you cool under the sun. Check our top pick Headsweats Performance Race/Running Hat and you will be amazed of its high quality and the best comfort it provides.

10. Boston Marathon Watches

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GPS watch or stop watch will be needed for marathon. You have to check your running speed, your current position and how long to the destination to keep you motivated while running. You can do all these while running using the best running watch there is and our top pick is the Casio Men’s W800H-1AV Classic Sport Watch. It will provide all the services you require from your watches and it is waterproof, comfortable and best fit for any size.