Top 10 Box Turtle Care Products

As a pet box turtles are most loved and cared. Having a pet three toed box turtle or other types box turtle will require great care than having a pet dog or cat. Before buying box turtles, you have to know the box turtle species. There are mainly 5 types of box turtle on the market to pet and they are Eastern Box Turtles, Three Toed Box Turtles, Gulf Coast Box Turtles, Western Ornate Box Turtles and Asian Box Turtles.

Best Box Turtle Care Products

The most common pet are the Three Toed Box Turtles and Eastern Box Turtles. Three Toed Box Turtle care is similar to other types so learning one type box turtle care will help you pet other types too. In this top 10 list of box turtle care products, we described all the products you will require to pet a box turtle or you can buy Chinchilla baby.

1. Box Turtle House: Zoo Med Wood Tortoise House

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Box turtle habitat must be placed on outdoor places or large indoor area. Box turtle aquarium or cage must be big enough to let the turtle move around freely. If you can get wooden box rather than glass aquarium, then the turtle will have better privacy. You must provide outdoor sun and shade facility along with weeds and fresh water pond for the turtle to swim. As a box turtle house our choice is the Zoo Med Wood Tortoise House.

2. Box Turtle Pond: Zoo Med Reptile Ramp Bowl

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Without the fresh water box turtle pond the house will be incomplete. The pond must have easy cleaning features along with enough space so that the turtle can swim regularly. You have to change the pond water regularly if possible every day. The best choice for box turtle pond is the Zoo Med Reptile Ramp Bowl and it will serve as the best pond your turtle needs.

3. Box Turtle Substrate: Exo Terra Plantation Soil

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Box turtle requires 100% natural and wild habitat type substrate. You have to put enough substrate so that the turtle can burrow in the substrate and feel safe. You can place flat rock around the house so that the toenails of the turtle have good size and shape. The substrate will maintain the humidity to top level because the box turtle will require high humidity and Exo Terra Plantation Soil is a good substrate for box turtle.

4. Box Turtle Cave: Exo Terra Reptile Cave

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Box turtle requires hut or cave like facility to hide themselves along with the substrate. In hiding they can feel safe. A cave this the substrate is the perfect match for a box turtle’s natural habitat and we all want to provide that to our pet turtles. Exo Terra Reptile Cave can be right one you are looking for your box turtle cave.

5. Box Turtle Food: Rep Cal Box Turtle Food

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Box turtle eats fruits, vegetables, worms and insects. Half of their food contains the vegetable and fruits, and other half contains the worms and insects. If you can provide fresh foods to your turtle regularly. But if you don’t have time or you don’t know what to feed to your turtle then you can buy canned box turtle foods. Rep-Cal Maintenance Formula Box Turtle Food is a better source of fruit and vegetable type food and Gourmet Box Turtle Food is a insect and worm included food. Get both type and feed your box turtle and you will have a healthy box turtle.

6. Box Turtle Vitamins and Minerals: Rep-Cal Calcium Powder

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Box turtle requires a lot of calcium and other vitamins and minerals. Usually they can get all of them from them food sources but it will be safe to provide them with regular calcium supplies along with periodic supply of other vitamins and minerals. Rep-Cal Phosphorous-Free Calcium Powder will provide all the calcium your box turtle needs.

7. Box Turtle Eye Drops: Zoo Med Repti Turtle Eye Drops

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Box turtles have a common eye problem. The eyes can be inflamed and it can be hard for them to open their eyes. There are many causes for this problem but the main cause for this problem is lack of enough vitamin A. Use the Zoo Med Repti Turtle Eye Drops and it works safe and fast on problem turtle eyes.

8. Box Turtle Lightings: Zoo Med ReptiSun UVB Fluorescent Bulb

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Box turtle requires regular sunlight. You will need to provide at least 12 hours of sunlight to your box turtle otherwise the turtle will stop eating and that can cause huge health problem. Try using Zoo Med T8 ReptiSun 10.0 UVB and it will solve your sunlight requirement problem.

9. Box Turtle Thermometer: SensorPush Wireless Thermometer

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Box turtle needs around 85F temperature all day long. So, try to provide a light one side of the turtle house that will provide higher temperature for the turtle and if the turtle requires colder temperature it can go to the other side of the house. You will need a wireless thermometer to check the temperature all the time without being with the turtle house and SensorPush Wireless Thermometer is a good choice.

10. Box Turtle Humidifier: Bulary Pet Reptile Climbing Box Humidifier

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Maintaining a strong humidity atmosphere within the box turtle house is a must. If your box turtle faces dry air for too long then it will become sick and stop eating. So, it will be safe to use humidifier within the box turtle cage. Use the Bulary Pet Reptile Climbing Box Humidifier, it is up to the work and has a real low price as per the job.