Top 10 British Perfume Brands

Top 10 British Perfume Brands

We researched and used a lot different types of British perfume brands to create our top 10 British perfume brands list and the end result is as seen below. Our top pick as the best British perfume brand is the Penhaligon’s and we all know that is the best there is. We hope to provide authentic and necessary information to our readers and this British perfume brands list is our effort to that cause.

Best British Perfume Brands

British Perfume Brands have their share of glory and fame on the market of perfume and fragrance. Some of the British perfume brands have history over centuries and they are among the legend of perfume industry like the French perfume brands and Italian perfume brands. If you have checked our Italian and French perfume brands top 10 list, then we are sure you want to know about the British perfume brands top 10 list. We hope that you aren’t waiting long for the list. Here is the top 10 British perfume brands list:

1. Penhaligon’s

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Penhaligon makes the top position of our top 10 British perfume brands list. This is one of the oldest and legendary perfume brands of London and they are in this perfume industry till 1870.  The founder of this company is the famous royal barber and perfumer William Penhaligon. Working on the Queen Victoria’s court and making the brand a legend. They are still making perfumes for the Queen and members of royal family.

2. Atkinsons

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Atkinsons is a legend among the London perfume brands. Started the business in 1799, making this one of the oldest perfume brands of the world that still producing world class perfumes. All their perfumes have exceptional feel and care that none can product and they are still making all their fragrances in the country. You must check on these if you have a thing for world class perfumes for delicacy, elegance and top quality

3. Creed

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From the starting in 1760, this is a family run perfume business. It has a large collection of over 200 different perfumes from back that time. It is said that all the historical and legendary perfumes of them have the same fragrance and quality as they had centuries before. Creed has a Royal warrant and was one of the Queen Victoria’s favorite perfume. All of their perfumes are handmade and unique and still now they only sell handmade perfumes.

4. Yardley Of London

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According to legend, this perfume brand Yardley London has a history almost three centuries back when a man named Yardley paid a huge amount to King Charles for the monopoly of the London perfumed soap business. But all the official records got burnt at the Great Fire of London and the official record of the brand came at 1770. They provided Lavender scent soaps and other fragrance based products and they launched their first perfume from back then. If you like lavender scent, then the perfumes of Yardley London will be your best choice.

5. Jo Malone

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Jo Malone is a loving perfume brand all over the world. They are loved by all and they have a brand value on the overall world fragrance and perfume market. They have over 28 different fragrances for their perfumes and a lot of celebrities are their users. You can always ask for a customized fragrance for your own perfume and they will provide that. As a world class perfume brand, it is also one of the youngest perfume brands of London comparing to other legendary London perfume brands.

6. Les Senteurs

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As a London Fragrance Brand, Les Senteurs has a unique and legendary feel for all of its perfumes. They win three times in a row for best perfumery in the best perfume forum in London. The quality and variety of this famous British perfume brand is awesome and all the people who used it just once can’t say it has anything bad or not suitable for them. You will also like their perfumes.

7. Floris

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Floris is one of the oldest London fragrance brand established by Juan Famenias Floris and Elizabeth his wife in 1730. As a matter of fact, it is the oldest independent family perfumer among all the British perfumers. It is speculated and believed that many famous figures like Princess Diana, Winston Churchill, Florence Nightingale and Marilyn Monroe used their perfumes. It is also one of the perfumer for her majesty the Queen.


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There isn’t much to say about Burberry perfume brand because all their products will say that they are among the best in the perfume industry. You can become their fan by the designs and styles of their perfume bottles only and the inner products are better than the bottles too. Both their women’s and men’s perfume will provide satisfactory feelings for their users.

9. Miller Harris

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This Miller Harris perfume brand doesn’t have century old history under its belt but it is among the most popular British perfume brands since their grand opening in the 2000. Introduced by Lyn Harris, this perfume brand becomes popular not only the common people but many celebrities also like their perfumes. They have a vast number of perfume variants so choosing one is always a tough call.

10. Illuminum

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Illuminum is the last one of our top 10 British perfume brands list but that doesn’t make it the worst one among these famous London perfume brands. It is the last because it is the youngest perfume brand of our list, started only in 2011. Duchess of Cambridge wore their perfume at the marriage with Prince William and it became a hit instantly. All their perfumes are refined and longer lasting.

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