Top 10 Cheap Chinchilla Accessories

There aren’t many people who know much about chinchilla rodent, there are even some people who don’t know facts about chinchillas. There are two chinchilla species, where one is long tail chinchilla and other is short tail chinchilla. People often think, can I have chinchillas as a pet? The answer is Yes you can. Learn more about chinchilla pet care, get chinchilla information through web or any means necessary.

Best Cheap Chinchilla Accessories

They are not as popular as many turtle species. Owning a chinchilla is easy, you can get one from chinchilla farm or chinchilla pet store. There are mainly three different colors: white chinchilla, grey chinchilla and black chinchilla. The pet chinchilla cost is slightly higher than rabbits but chinchilla is a good pet. Chinchilla pet care isn’t as easy as rabbit and you have to follow very specific requirements according to chinchilla habits and chinchilla personality. If you can maintain the simple process to care the pet chinchilla then you have nothing to worry. We have listed the top 10 chinchilla accessories below to make the whole process easier for all the people who wants rodent chinchilla as a pet.

1. Chinchilla Cage: Prevue Hendryx Feisty Home

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The first thing you will need a chinchilla cage as the house of chinchilla. Because without the cage you can’t pet the chinchilla. The cage must be high 3-4 levels or more because they love height. The cage must be metal because anything that isn’t hard, chinchilla will chew everything even hard plastic. Our choice is the Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Cage. But please no plastic in the cage, remove all the plastic and use wood or metal as replacement.

2. Chinchilla Food: Oxbow Chinchilla Fortified Feeds

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Chinchilla doesn’t like sugar so any food having sugar will be harmful for it. You have to know what can chinchillas eat and chinchilla diet, and then you have to provide that. Chinchilla natural diet is consist of high protein and fiber. They want pellet-based food because of its combined protein and fiber. Our choice is the Oxbow Animal Health Chinchilla Fortified Feeds. Alfafa, wheat and soy are the ingredients of this food, and this food is good for large chinchilla as well as small chinchilla.

3. Chinchilla Water Bottle: LIXIT Chew Proof Water Bottle

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Chinchilla always needs water and you need to provide water regularly. The bottle must the chew proof and leak proof so that they can’t destroy it. If any leakage happens then the fur will rot and get fungus too. There aren’t many choices for chew proof water bottles and our best choice is the LIXIT Chew Proof Glass Water Bottle. It is easy to clean and attach with different sized cases.

4. Chinchilla Hay: Oxbow Western Timothy Hay

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Hay is another source of chinchilla food. You have to provide it everytime 24/7. Chinchillas are picky about foods so a lot will be wasted but you need to give it to them every hour. Timothy based hay will be the best for your pet chinchilla. Other types of hays will also be good. You can change the hays periodically but try to use timothy more. Oxbow Animal Health Western Timothy Hay will be a better choice for timothy hay.

5. Chinchilla House: LUFFY Natural Coco Hut

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Chinchillas can sleep on any place, they also like high places to sleep too but providing dark places to sleep will be better for them. So, giving houses to keep the light away while sleeping will be a good idea for them. Use the LUFFY Natural Coco Hut to see whether your pet chinchilla likes it or not. If not then use other types of house.

6. Chinchilla Bedding: Premium Soft Virgin Paper Bedding

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The floor of the cage must not be wet. The floor must be soft and dry. Otherwise your chinchilla might get health problems. You have to buy clothing or fleece to cover the floor area but be careful to choose the best one. Try buying the Premium Soft Virgin Paper Bedding. It is good and your chinchilla will surely like it.

7. Chinchilla Dust: Oxbow Dust for Chinchilla Bath

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Every chinchilla needs dust bath and it is pretty exciting to watch. They need dust bath regularly to remove the fur and extra skin oil off their body and this way the fur will be available to use. You will require dust and a pot for the dust bath and our choice for the dust is Oxbow Dust for Chinchilla Bath.

8. Chinchilla Toys: Chew Toy Teeth Grinding Clean Tool for Chinchilla

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Chinchilla needs exercise wheels as well as the chews. The teeth of chinchillas grows all the time so you need to provide chews so that they always chew and keep the teeth size in control. Chinchilla needs regular exercise and exercise wheels will be necessary. Chew Toy Teeth Grinding Clean Tool for Pet Chinchilla is a chewing toy for your pet.

9. Chinchilla Thermometer: SensorPush Wireless Thermometer

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Chinchilla can’t manage excessive heat. You can’t just check temperature everytime you want to so you better find a wireless thermometer that can help you get regular temperature update via app on your phone. SensorPush Wireless Thermometer will be a better choice.

10. Chinchilla Air Conditioning: EdgeStar Portable Air Conditioner

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You might not think it is necessary but controlling the room temperature of your chinchilla does matter. Because extra heat can cause chinchilla heat stroke and there is a higher possibilities of that to happen if you can’t keep the temperature of the chinchilla room under control. EdgeStar Portable Air Conditioner will be a good choice for this purpose.