Top 10 Creative Photography Tips


Why don’t I have same photography interests like before? Because you are not finding any creative photography tips or ideas that will make photography interesting to you. Photography is all but creativity, if you can’t be creative with the creation then you will lose interest with photography and eventually you will feel in depression. So, finding creative photography tips or ideas will keep your photography interest and career active.

Creative Photography Tips

Best Creative Photography Tips

Please, don’t think you are the only one who is losing interest of photography, there are many others who are facing the same problem as you. Every photographer face lack of creative photography ideas or tips problem may times in their career and overcoming this problem is the virtue of true photographers who have real skill, passion and interest of photography.

There isn’t any fixed solution for this problem, because sometimes the scenario or situation will be different sometimes other problems might arise. So, what to do? The only solution is thinking what you know and can do, and then make different changes with the regular processes and see if any of the changes makes the end photographs interesting and different.

We must agree that not everyone know all the tricks of everything. It’s true for all photographers. If you have experience over 50 years, there may be a lot of creative photography tips and tricks you still don’t know. So, you should broaden your search for unique creative photography ideas and tips. Taking the advantage of modern internet based technology you can search online and you will find a lot of new and creative photography ideas and tips you can count.

Still writing this article, I am checking over 100 different ideas and tips for creative photography, choosing the best tips or ideas for creative photography that will be easy to execute by beginner photographers too and still produce high quality creative images or photographs. And at long last I completed the best tips for creative photography list and as always it is a top 10 list.

Slow Sync Flash

Though, slow sync flash is a common and broadly used tips for creative photography but many don’t know about it and there are some photographers who know about this but don’t know how broadly they can use this and how creative they can be using this simple trick.

So how to do it? When you use flash slowly using 1/8th second than normal at the beginning of an exposure or at the end, it creates a special effect.

If you have basic photography skill then you know it is always hard to keep your hand steady for close exposure for that time. You should use the flash and that will keep the light going and changing while taking the photograph.

When you fire the flash at the same moment, the motion will freeze and you will be able to get all the remaining lights on the situation by the remaining time to shoot and I can guarantee you will get better image than you are hoping for using this simple trick.

Using Telephoto Lens Instead of Clutter

If you love taking landscape photographs then this is a better tip for creative photography for you. If you have base knowledge about landscape photography then you must know the importance of decluttering. You will require decluttering most of the time when you are shooting landscape photographs. You should avoid the power or telephone poles and wires as well as other obstacles to catch the best angle and fittings of the landscape and you have to move a lot to get the best position for the perfect photographs of the landscape.

But the question is, what will you do when you have nowhere to move around and you must take the photographs where you are standing. It is a pretty peculiar situation for every photographer. This is not very common problem but you may face this problem every now and then.

You can solve this problem easily using telephoto lens instead of clutter. Your regular wide landscape photography lens will not be effective in that situation but it is guaranteed to get exciting and exceptional landscape photographs using telephoto lens instead of clutter for that particular situation.

Evening Photography with Polarizer

If you are a fan of afternoon or evening photography then you must have a polarizer because it is the most needed photography tool for afternoon or evening photography. There are many types of polarizers on the market. Some of them have reasonable price and do the job just fine and others have many high-end features and produce high quality results but they are expensive too. I don’t see any particular reason to buy the expensive polarizer, a normal and regular polarizer will do the deeds just fine.

Using polarizer, you can take long distance images just fine and tune it to produce high quality landscape images. If you are taking images of blue sky using polarizer, you can just remove the unwanted clouds from the images using polarizer and you will have clean blue sky with only the things you want with the image. But doing this can remove or harm the natural effect of the image so my suggestion is removing only necessary and keep them as a shadow and that will provide natural feel with the images.

Make a Panorama

Shooting panorama is always fun and exciting but it is always time consuming and you might have to do it several times to get the best result of it. But first we should know what Panorama is? Panorama is the technique to take several images of a big area and then stitch those images into a single image to provide everything of the area into one big and complete image.

There are many techniques and tips included for taking different types of Panorama for different areas or topics and the situation will change for every new ideas and areas. Sometimes there is a need for 360-degree panorama but that is a big job for regular photographer and it required exceptional skill and high end lens and cameras to do the job so let’s forget about 360 Panorama and concentrate on large scale panorama only.

You will require two important tools to get the best panorama you want for your job, hobby or project. The first important tool is a camera with wide lens. The lens doesn’t need to very wide but wider than regular lens. The second but most important tool is the stitching tool or software to joint all the images into one. The most popular and common software is Adobe software but there are some other high end or low end software you might like too.

Spray Bottle Photography

Feeling boring while taking pictures on a non-attractive scene, then use creative photography tips to make the whole process interesting. Whenever we use SLRs or DSLRs to take pictures, we keep the water away from it but you can use water creatively to get more appealing and attractive pictures from any situation using spray bottle sprayed water on the lens.

When you are prepared to do so, take your bottle spray with water and spray the water on desired parts of your camera lens mildly and then take the pictures. At the beginning, you will not see any difference but if you look clearly then you will see that differences. There are a lot of watery spots on the pictures that makes the feels and attractiveness of the pictures. You will be astonished by your own creation.

Don’t use this tips for creative photography unless you are 100% certain about your capability otherwise you can spoil your camera lens. First check with small sprayed water on the lens and make sure no water get into the lens only on the lens and then check the taken pictures. You can increase the sprayed water amount after a few shots to change the pictures quality. Be cautious and you will get glorious and awesome pictures for sure.

High Speed Photography

You can take images while riding on bikes or cars with high speed and see the changes of the images. You will find a lot of changes between high speed photography images and idle places photography images. There are some cameras and lenses with high speed photography specialty and you will not see many differences between high speed and idle photographs but if you use regular SLRs or DSLRs with regular lenses then you will surely see the differences and awesomeness of your creativity.

For this to get work, you will need a vehicle with high speed and a good camera. You must have a person who will drive the vehicle and you will shoot the images. This tips for creative photography is good for highways where usually have high speed vehicle but if you are confident about your capacity then you can use night urban area high speed photography.

Smoke Photography

This may sound normal but it is an awesome idea for creative photography. You can either create smokes or find smoky places and take the pictures and you will feel the differences.

While at night take a picture with your camera with flash and now create some smoke and take the picture again with flash. You will find that your firstly taken picture is normal and ordinary and your secondly taken picture has extra effect and gruesome or scary looks like some awesome taken photographs.

Be cautious before creating smokes in the open places, you can either get in an accident if you can’t control the smoke or you can have unwanted attention from innocent bystander around the places, both you don’t want to happen for sure.

Long Exposure

You might not think this a good idea for creative photography but you will surely make it works if you know how to do it. Long exposure is always a good way to portrait special moments and people always want this type of pictures to capture their attractive moment from their photographer.

This can be done using your camera and lens. You just have to take extra time to get picture and you should use removable flashes with your camera. Take a few shots with your camera and check the differences and you can then add after effects with the software afterword to make the pictures interesting.

Tilt Shift Photography

Tilt shift lenses are common among photographers who love to take pictures in the open areas but it is equality good for taking indoor pictures if you are skilled enough. Adjusting the tilt shift while taking the pictures is always hard and it always produce horrible pictures if you can’t make the adjustment perfectly.

Like all other techniques, you should try to correct the problem while troubleshooting the tilt shift lens working procedure. Don’t break apart after a few horrible shots because there will always be dawn after a scary night so try until you get the desired effects from your tilt shift lens. And also, don’t delete the horrible and scary images because some of them might have good looks and feels that you can’t understand at first and others can be your source of pleasure if you keep them stored for future references.

Reflection Photography

You might not think it good for usual photography but this is a good creative photography tips or idea if you know the feelings of it. You can either take the images on daylight on shiny places or on water to take the reflection images. But if you can shoot in night on water or other reflective places or spots to get the right images then it will be perfect and full moon reflection on water is the best there can be.

Also, you can use prism to take reflection images and it is a good idea for seasonal and professional photographer. The prism is portable so you can add it with your camera when needed and then you can easily remove it while taking other quality shots with other types of lenses. Either way, you will be astonished with the effect of this cool reflection creative photography tips.