Top 10 Detergents for Workout Clothes

Technically you may be able to workout in almost any clothing, if you work out regularly, you’ll know that having the right clothes makes a huge difference.

Clothing designed for working out has fabric that draws moisture away from your skin and also allows air through. This helps keep your body at a steady temperature so you can exercise as hard as possible.

If you use just any detergent on these clothes you may find that it not only damages the fabric but it can also reduce its effectiveness by preventing it from removing the moisture from your skin. Of course, it’s not just the work out clothes that can wick moisture away from your body.

To help you look after your workout clothes, try one of these top 10 detergents:

1. Laundress Sport Wash

When you check out the Laundress Sport Wash  you’ll discover that it’s fabric care at it’s very best. The formula has been created to be gentle but effective on athletic and swimwear. You’ll be pleased to learn that the ingredients are naturally-derived while working effectively at removing stains and sweat and preserving colors.

This is the top choice not only because it works, but also because it is environmentally friendly and maintains the integrity of your workout clothes.

2. HEX Performance

The HEX performance option is designed to be non-irritating and is a great choice for any synthetic material. It is even okay to use in HE machines.

However, it is worth noting that the detergent has a strong smell while drying. It may be better if you prefer to air dry your clothes outside.

3. OxiClean Stain Remover

This offering from OxiClean is great in all types of machines and contains no chlorine, which is known to be an irritant to many people.

However, you must follow the instructions to get the best results.

4. Roux Maison

This product is environmentally friendly but comes with a high-end price tag. It is good at eliminating odors and safe on most fabrics.

But, you may notice a strong scent, even if it is listed as odor-free.

5. Sweat X Sport

This isn’t just for workout clothes. You’ll find the Sweat X is great at getting mud and grass stains out of clothes. It is actually biodegradable and good for all fabrics and washers.

But, there is only a scented version.

6. Sports Suds

Although biodegradable and hypo-allergenic, this detergent is good for mild stains, not heavy ones.

On the plus side, it has no odor, just leaving your work out gear clean and fresh.

7. Nathan Sport Wash

This detergent contains no harsh chemicals but does contain chemicals. It is designed for athletic clothing with special features, such as wicking.

It is fantastic at eliminating any odor, even if you’ve forgotten about your workout clothes. But, it will struggle with really serious stains.

8. Persil Proclean

If you have sensitive skin then you’ll find this a great option and environmentally friendly. The detergent works well at any washing temperature and leaves a pleasant scent, although some may find it over-powering.

9. WIN Sports

You’ll be pleased to discover that this product is specially formulated to remove odors, not cover them up. It works on most fabrics, specifically sportswear, and has no scent.

That makes it great for men and women.

However, you should be aware that the bottle is poorly designed and often leaks.

10. Seventh Generation

You’ll use less of this detergent as it is designed as a concentrate. The formula is plant-based and shouldn’t cause any irritation, although if you have allergies already you may need to proceed with caution.

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