Top 10 DIY Kitchen Wall Art ideas

Best DIY Kitchen Wall Art ideas

Kitchen is a precious place for every woman who love to cook. They want to decorate their kitchen with different kitchenware and if possible with wall arts. But kitchen wall arts are expensive and buying them can strain the overall kitchen budget. DIY Kitchen Wall Art ideas are the best for this situation because the whole process will cost you only a few bucks or nothing.

We have listed here top 10 DIY kitchen wall art ideas for women who want to decorate their kitchen with create design arts without spending a big amount. All these DIY wall art ideas are simple and anyone can create master piece wall arts using these ideas. The ideas are listed below:

1. Wall Decals

As the first pick wall decals is an easy DIY project for you. Just buy different color papers and then cut them circle using steel glasses or containers from your kitchen and place them using wallpaper paste on other side to fix them on the wall, and you have your first DIY kitchen wall art.

2. Postcard Kitchen Wall Art

Get all the postcard you can manage on your house and join them using glue on a thick paper board. You can resize and adjust the postcards to get the best combined design and then set the complete paper board on your kitchen wall.

3. Hand Painting Wall Art

If you have used hand colors from your kid’s color set, then those will be needed to complete this wall art. Use your hand or your kid’s in the color and print the hand on the wall. Do this until you get a complete design.

4. Newspaper Cutting Wall Art

Used newspaper can have many uses but you can use them to make unique and attractive wall art. Cut different color and sizes letters from all old newspaper and attach them on wood board using glues on the back. As you see on the image, your complete newspaper cutting kitchen wall art will be same or better than those.

5. Lines Wall Art

This is an easy art to make. Have a drawing board with drawing paper. Use unlimited colors and angles using scales to draw the lines wall art. This is a simple but elegant art idea for kitchen and good for people with strong art sense.

6. Quotes Wall Art

Find the best possible quotes you like and write on white or other color drawing paper using different colors for each word or letter and then put the paper board on your kitchen wall and you will get a 10 minutes DIY wall art.

7. Painted Wood Wall Art

If you have time to spare, then this will be good DIY wall art project for you. Get some woods or bamboos and cut then with same height. Then paint those wood or bamboo pieces with different colors and when done add those pieces as a single unit. You will have master piece wall art for kitchen.

8. Wall Art Using Cupcake Wrapper

After using the cupcake wrapper, you have to dispose of them but you can use those used cupcake wrappers to create unique wall art for kitchen. Have a color paper and then attach the cupcake wrappers on the paper using glue according to the design you like and attach the board on the kitchen wall, done.

9. Egg Shell Wall Art

For this wall art, you should break your eggs vertically then paint any design you like on the egg shell using color pencil or raw liquid colors. Then place those egg shells as you see fit on a board to get your complete wall art.

10. Used Vegetable Wall Art

After cooking the usable vegetable, you will always have some rejected or unused vegetable to dispose them. But you can cut those disposable vegetables of different color and fix them on paper board using glue and hang that on kitchen wall. You will have your best DIY Wall Art for kitchen completed.