Top 10 ELD Tracking and Its Benefits

Everybody knows that ELD is basically an electronic logging device that is used by the commercial motor vehicle drivers in order to record their hours of service and driving time. Also, this technology helps in recording, capturing the data on the vehicle engine, the movements and also the miles to which the vehicle has been driven. The US Federal motor carrier safety administrator has declared the IELTS rule for the truck industry due to which the interest in this technology got enhanced.

ELD Tracking and Its Benefits

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1. Requirements of ELD

For information, the federal motor carrier safety administration comes up with three main requirements for utilizing ELD Technology. It is important to confirm the set technical specifications of the technology, it should be certified by the manufacturer and also the technology must be registered with the authorization that is FMCSA.

2. Functions and Features of ELD

There are several functions and features of an electronic logging device that includes the internal synchronization with the engine control module, the automatic recording of driving, it also records the locations. The electronic data transfer feature also makes this Technology useful. Temper prevention, driver record certification, displaying the reports for safety, user manuals and audio controls are some of the other functions and features of ELD.

3. The administrative burden gets minimized

The electronic logging device automatically records and tracks the movement of the vehicle. Due to this automatic recording, the manual paperwork burden and administrative burden get reduced. While using the electronic login device there is no need to record the hours of service, manually. It saves a lot of time, cost and efforts. Also, by using this device you can easily monitor the idle time tracking. It helps you in tracking that how much time the drivers spend being idle. It also helps in reducing fuel wastage.

4. Can easily diagnose the vehicle

The vehicles Diagnostic port and the electronic logging device are automatically connected to each other. Due to this connection, the fault codes monitoring get activated automatically. Due to this, you will always get to know when the vehicle is in need of maintenance or any real-time alerts will be displayed easily. Due to this tool, you can easily take the precautionary measures at the right time which leads to higher productivity and efficiency in the task.

5. Better route management and tracking location

Managers can easily monitor the vehicles by using GPS tracking. This tool not only helps in providing real-time visibility but also improves the productivity and minimize the distractions, the managers do not need to call the drivers every time to get the updates.

6. Identification of driving behaviour

One of the best benefits of an electronic login device is that you can easily track driving behaviour. The bad driving behaviour including the excessive acceleration, heartbreaking, hard concerning and others can easily get identified. After getting details about the drivers you can easily use the data gathered, discuss the problem with them and help them in improving their driving. Due to this feature, you can potentially reduce accidents and liabilities. If you are not having the electronic login device then you will not be able to track and gather such information.

7. Reducing the liabilities

Most of the accidents happen due to the fact that not every person on the road takes questions. And that is the main reason the companies have to deal with the laws very often. And in such case is it does not matter that the company is guilty or not. In case the truck driver is not guilty then the electronic logging device can easily help in strengthening the case. The data recorded by the device can easily be presented as proof of Innocence. If the device shows no violation, no hard concerning and no speeding then the driver can get rid of the guilt.

8. Automated IFTA calculation

The best part about electronic logging device is that it simplifies the calculation process of IFTA. After every quarter, the fleets have to file the IFTA reports. There is a lot of paperwork involved in this process and also while calculating the chances of having errors are also high. The electronic logging devices can easily complete the calculation process automatically and save thousands of dollars by reducing the administrative burden.

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