Top 10 Electrical Safety Tips for Home

Top 10 Electrical Safety Tips for Home

Knowing a few tweaks and tricks about different tools used in home is very useful and profitable. It can reduce your cost and time exponentially but when dealing with electric tools, cables. cords and something like that, its better to hire a professional unless you are certain about your ability. You should be extra careful on holidays safety and keeping your computer devices safe. Being safe and secure using precautions is the best way for healthy lifestyle.


Top 10 Electrical Safety Tips for Home

A lot of people dies or get injured by electric devices, cables and cords while not following the standard procedure. Most of cases of home fires, short circuit or loose cables or cords are main cases so you should follow electrical safety rules when deal with the electrical devices and cables. We have created a must followed Top 10 Electrical Safety Tips for Home list that you must read and follow.

1. Regularly check all your electrical appliances for breaks or cuts in the cables and cords.

2. If the cables have simple cut or cords are loose or do not fit with the port, then you must replace then with proper replacements.

3. Check your surge protector regularly and any of the port of the surge protector seems working abnormally, replace the surge protector without delay.

4. Don’t work on any electric devices or cables while being soaked in water. If you have water on your hands, remove the water using clean towel before touching an electric device or cable.

5. Don’t place any electric wire or cables under the carpet where you can look or check the position and quality of the wire or cable.


6. Don’t put the cable or wire on any heating devices like toaster or oven or cooktop in your kitchen.

7. Always wear dry sneakers whenever you are plugging a cord with the electric ports.

8. You should never open an electric port on the wall or surge protector unless they are unplugged and electricity is disconnected.

9. After using an electric tool or device, make sure they are disconnected from the electric supply.

10. Always keep all your electric devices and tools in safe, dry and cool places.