Top 10 Most Expensive Schools in the World

Schooling is a basic necessity of each and every child in the world. Many governments across the world provide it at no cost in order to lead their nation to peaks. But when it comes to the elite class, education is more than just getting knowledge. It becomes more of a status symbol at times. Many parents send their students to luxuries and lavish schools where peaking charges are taken to get the extra thing. Here is the Top 10 Most Expensive Schools in the World. Let’s have a look.

1. Institut Le Rosey, Switzerland: This is the most expensive school in the world. Topping our list is the Swiss school Institut Le Rosey. It is a private sector school. It has got a world class boarding facility as well. This school is famous as School of Kings. For every five students, there is only one teacher. Total 400 students get study at the school. The cost is too much and only for the rich people’s children.

2. College Alpin International Beau Soleil: This is the 2nd costly school in Europe and also in the world. This school has been there for more than 100 years now. The average class size of this institution is of 4 students only. More than 50 nationals are enrolled in this school. The kids of the European royalty and other famed people’s kids have been studying at this school. The annual expenses are $93,158 a year.

3. St. Albans School, Washington: On number 3 of the list is St. Albans School. Classes are taken from grade 4 to 12. With 575 students and 100 staff members, the school is known for its all-round activities. The school’s annual expenses are $54,151 per year. This school is in the center of Washington DC. The school also not provides any scholarship facilities to the students.

4. Woodside Priory School, California: This is another expensive in the world situated in USA. The students are enrolled for grade 6th to 12th every year. Every year 380 students are enrolled. A lot of international students also take admissions in this renowned institution. The people who are multi millionaire can send their children in this school.

5. Appleby College, Ontario: Appleby College is the most elite school of Canada. It’s the only school of Canada to be a part of G20 schools. The fee charged by the school is around $53,911 a year. However, a bit of discount is given to local residents. Liberal arts are the area of expertise of the institution. The facility the college provides to the student is really very expensive and also realistic.

6. Idyllwild Arts Academy, California: This is the 2nd Californian and 4th American school in this list. This school primarily focuses on dance, creative writing, music, film, visual arts and theatre. One has to pay a whooping amount of $53,600 annually. Most of the student of this school in the children of the Hollywood celebrities and the famous Hollywood personalities are the teachers of this institution.

7. Dana Hall School, Massachusetts: this is another school which cost is not affordable for the middle class people. This is a special type of school with a prime focus on women. Liberal arts education is the core competency of the school. The enrolments are done annually class 6th to class 12th, girls are enrolled. One has to bear a cost of $53,211 every year.

8. Salisbury School, Connecticut: This is a boy’s only school with enrolment for only class 9th to 12th. This is one of the most elite schools of the region. It costs at around $53,015 per year for a student to study in the institution. This is a boy’s school and the teachers are also men. The decline and the facilities are also best.

9. Sandy Spring Friends School, Maryland: Students are enrolled from kindergarten to 12th grade according to their proficiency in English language. The school has a strict policy of admitting only 561 students every year. The expenses of studying in Sandy Spring School are close to $52,850 per year. This school is also very conscious about the quality education.

10. Purnell School, Pottersville, New Jersey: Purnell School is a boarding school and only for girls from grade 9 to grade 12. The approximate expenses are $52,800 per year. The school has got 94 students and 14 faculty members. The teacher the school provides to the student is really not just good but the best.

With so many expensive luxuries, even school education has these days become so expensive. In our country India too, this has become an issue too. It is so strange to see that in a single nation there are people who can even afford to pay a single rupee for education while there are some who can pay any amount.