Top 10 Facts about Japan

Must Know Facts about Japan While Visiting

Who wants to know and visit Japan? I think most of the people will want to who have keen knowledge about touring the whole world with exciting, exceptional, historical and cultural places. As the land of the rising sun, you will enjoy every moment you spent on Japan.

There are about 6851 islands on this country where only four islands named Kyushu, Honshu, Shikoku and Hokkaido contain 90% of its total land with almost 99% of its population. Japan has a glorious history of over 3000 years and their traditions and cultures are unique and different than others.

Japan is the third country with highest GDP in the world. They are the most technology advanced and educated country in the world. On the electronics and auto manufacturing market, they are the king. They have the most hard working and expert labors and engineers than other countries of the world.

Japanese people has the highest life expectancy comparing others and lowest infant mortality rate. The only laggings of Japanese people are that they don’t like to speak or learn English so if you don’t know their language a bit or if you can’t find a person who can speak and understand English then you can be in huge problem.

There are many things and facts to know and learn about Japan and its people but we think and act for tourists and visitor’s perspectives. Here we have listed different fact categories and then each category has a list of top 10 items. We hope these lists will help you.

Top 10 Must Know Japanese Words for Tourists

While Japan is an island nation and a lot people visit this country every year. According to the Japanese government report, over 20 million tourist visited this country in 2016 and the tourist numbers percentage increasing double digit for last five years and more.

As a country, Japanese people value their language a lot and don’t speak or learn English a lot so communication for the tourist is always hard. At the begging from the 21st century many Japanese started to learn and speak English though the number is still pretty low.

So, if you plan to visit Japan then you must know the meaning of some popular Japanese words and how to use them. We can guarantee that these words will help you and make your visit to Japan easier. The top 10 list of must know Japanese words for foreigners is given below:

1. Sumimasen

When you visit first time in Japan, you will be shocked to learn that they use no English in their daily life only their mother tongue and sumimasen is one of the 3 most used words of their society. Sumimasen means excuse me or sorry. It is a multipurpose word. If you want someone’s help say sumimasen, if you want someone move from your way say sumimasen. If you make mistake or hurt anyone say sumimasen. So, you see sumimasen is a must learn word for Japan visiting tourists.

2. Gomennasai

The next most popular Japanese word is the Gomennasai. It means sorry. As you can see both those words have similar meaning but the feelings and perspectives of both words are different. When you hurt, or offended someone just say Gomennasai by bowing your head and it is a complete apology with highest success rate.

3. Arigatou

Arigatou means THANK YOU. This is a common word used to thank people. It’s important to learn this word and how to use it because it is custom to thank people whenever needed and while visiting Nippon you will require a lot of health from native Japanese.

4. Doko

While visiting Nippon you always should ask people where to go and where not to do and for that you should you the word doko because it means where. Like “wa doko desu ka” means where is it -.

5. Itadakimasu

Itadakimasu is common to say whenever you want to eat something. It is for showing respect for the food. “I humble receive” is the meaning of Itadakimasu. So, you must learn this word to respect the food as well as Japanese custom.

6. EN

EN is the currency name of Nippon or Japan. You have to know how to properly use this word because to spend money or count as they want to know, you should know how to count EN with their native language. “Ici en” means 1 yen and “go en” means 5 yen and so on.

7. Nani

What is a common word in every language and in Japanese language you represent what by the word “nani”. So, have this word included in your Japanese language vocabulary.

8. Wakarimasen

When you don’t understand a direction or instruction or language while in Japan or Nippon, you should say “wakarimasen” or I don’t understand otherwise you will be in big trouble.

9. Eigo

English language is described as “Eigo” in Japanese. If you want to ask a Japanese that he/she does know English or not then you should say “Eigo ii desu ka” or “is English ok”!!!

10. Hai

Hai is another word you must know while in Japan. It means that you are satisfied. You know what satisfied doesn’t always represent yes but similar to satisfactory or comfortable. So, whenever you get what you want use the word “hai” or I am satisfied.