Top 10 Half Marathons in US

Marathon isn’t your cup of tea, and you have to prepare firsthand before thinking to participate in any. There are countless marathons help all over the country so you can join any of them you are prepared. There are marathons and half marathons and other short to mid range running contests so you can choose any. If you wanna participate in the Top 10 Marathons in US then we suggest first you try some of the half marathons to fully prepare you body, mind and soul and also be fully equipped with Marathon Gears for Men. We have listed the top 10 list of half marathons for you to choose from.

Best Half Marathons in US

1. Disney Princess Half Marathon

If you love magical atmosphere of Disney, and love a lot of excitement then I suggest you to join this half marathon. You will be running with over 40,000 people from over 25 different countries. Like different types of magics and creatures of Disney, their races are full of awesomeness. Different magical studios and characters of Disney will participate in the marathon and do photo shoots with the runners to put extra excitement for everyone. Men and women both can run the same race and like men women also need the best women’s marathon gears.

2. Boston’s Run to Remember

Boston marathon is legendary and if you miss it anyway then you can join this Boston’s Run to Remember half marathon. More that 12,000 people will be joining you with the marathon. The course will start by the Sea Port and continue in front of the Faneuil Hall, State House, Boston Common and many other places and the marathon will end by Charles River bridge. It will be an exciting experience before running the Boston Marathon.

3. Chicago Half Marathon

The marathon will start at the Jackson Park and running through many historical places and the end will be the golden Statue of the Republic. You will cross the Lake Shore Drive without any car on the road where normally huge traffic is common. University of Chicago campus and Hyde Park will be on the marathon course and over 14,000 runners will be participating in the marathon. Having a look on Lake Michigan will be an extra benefits for the runners.

4. The San Francisco Half Marathon

This is one of the oldest half marathon races on the US. It already completed its 40th race and still increasing its popularity every year. There are over 27,000 runners for this marathon and two different courses for the runners. Though the end position will be the same 60-foot Cupid’s Arrow sculpture but the first kick off will be the Ferry Building and the second kick off will be the Golden Gate Park. All the runners will join the post-race festival, and it is a festival all will remember for the coming years.

5. Great Turtle Trail Half Marathon

Mackinac Island has 3.8 square miles area suitable for annual half marathon and it is celebrating its 22nd years one of the prestigious and gorgeous half marathons all over the continent. People from all the states and many different countries come to join this annual marathon. The race start from Mission Point Resort and end past the Mackinac Bridge. Along the way all the runners will cross the shoreline of Lake Huron, picturesque Arch Rock, Peep Fort Mackinac and the hills and trails of the island. Over 5000 people joins every year and the number is increasing every year.

6. Marine Corps Historic Half

Fredericksburg a city of Virginia is the hosting place of Marine Corps Historic Half marathons. Over 10,000 people including current and previous members of Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force will be joining the race every year. Runners will cross the civil war ear places along with Rappahannock River shore. You will remember and feel the civil war events along with all the statue of the past heroes of the country.

7. Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas

This half marathon rolls on the middle of the Las Vegas and it will continue through the city. Runners will get view of the famous casinos and hotels. The original view of the Sin City will make you ever exciting and couples can renew their vows along with the race. Bellagio Fountains will be on the way so be prepared for a glorious view. Over 30,000 people will join the race and the race will end at the foot step of the Mirage volcano.

8. Napa to Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon

California wine country will be hosting place for this Half marathon. 4,000+ racers will participate in this race and the race will continue through the wine factories and other industrial areas of the county. Racers will enjoy the vino along the way and other foods specially produced on the region. This is a race that will be exciting who like wine or vino as others do and they can have the wine production feelings along with running.

9. Airbnb Brooklyn Half Marathon

This event was started by a local New York City running club and not it has over 27,000 runners last year the number increasing rapidly every year. The race started in 1981 and never disappoint to earn the one of the most populating and exciting event on the New York City. The race will continue along with Botanical Garden, sea shores, Prospect Park and many other popular places and ends at the King’s County.

10. Charlotte Covered Bridge Half Marathon

Autumn is most beautiful season in the New England county than others and the half marathon will always take places in this time of every year. Shelburne Beach will be the starting point and the course will go along the Lake Champlain waters and the 1800’s historic Holmes Creek Covered Bridge. Adirondack Mountains will be along the way and the beach will right along the mountain will be finishing line so make sure you have rock climbing shoes or the shoes you are wearing is good enough for climbing. Beach barbecue, raffle and awards ceremony will be at the evening after the race to make the whole thing eventful and complete to the core.