Top 10 Healthiest Dog Foods to Buy Today

Top 10 Healthy Dog Foods to Buy Today

What you feed your dog can make or break his health. Whereas there is an overwhelmingly wide array of dog foods on the market today, all dog food isn’t made equal.

To choose the best dog food, you must be acquainted with the healthiest dog foods on the market. Ideally, healthy dog food should have moderate carb levels, shouldn’t have anonymous meat.

And it shouldn’t also have high-risk preservatives as well. Here are the top 10 dog foods you can purchase for your lovely canine today.

1. Dr. Tim’s Dog Food

The 8-recipes dog food features 5 healthy ingredients for dogs of all life stages. These ingredients include brown rice, chicken meal, oat, dried beet pulp, and chicken fat. It has several recipes such as weight management,

Athletic formula among others. All its key ingredients are blended perfectly well for easy digestion and to boost your dog’s overall well-being.

2. Victor Classic

Almost all blogs that publish dog care information you can trust recommend this dog food as their pick of one of the healthiest commercial dog food products on the market.

The 4-recipe dog food contains beef meal, chicken fat, grain sorghum, chicken meal, and pork meal. It is grain-inclusive and it also contains whole grain millet and grain sorghum.

Victor Classic is meticulously made for dogs of various life stages. It features three main recipes namely active dog formula, adults and puppies recipes.

3. Instinct Original

The 6-recipes dog food contains real beef and a host of healthy ingredients for dogs of all ages. It derives a huge chunk of its healthy animal proteins from chicken and beef.

However, there are other healthy ingredients such as peas and whitefish meal. It is especially best for puppies and adult canines.

4. Annamaet Dog Food

The 7-recipes dry dog food is grain-inclusive, and it contains millet and brown rice. It has other notable healthy ingredients such as whole dry eggs, chicken meal, chicken fat, and herring meal.

It is best for adult dogs and puppies. Some of its common recipes include adults, puppies, small breed, senior and reduced-fat recipes.

5. Canidae Grain-Free

The 11-recipes pure dog food contains sweet potatoes, peas, and other animal-based proteins. It is perfect for adult dogs.

It derives a huge amount of meat protein from the salmon meal and menhaden fish. Best of all, this dog food is suitable for adult dogs with a sensitive stomach.

6. Diamond Natural Dry Dog Food

The 13-recipes dry dog food is specially made for adult dogs. It is grain-inclusive and contains cracked pearled barley and ground white rice.

It features a host of recipes ranging from the puppy, large breed, adult, senior, and small breed to healthy-weight recipes. Most of its protein is derived from, chicken and chicken meals.

7. Whole Earth Farms

This whole dog food is a healthy and nutritious fit for puppies. It combines a wholesome blend of healthy ingredients like oatmeal, chicken meal, whole barley, chicken, salmon oil, vitamin supplements, amino acids, and turkey meal.

All its healthy, natural ingredients are mixed proportionally to guarantee balanced and complete nutrition. The dog foods don’t contain by-products such as wheat and corn.

8. Horizon Complete

The dry dog food is excellent for dogs of all life stages, and it is crafted from natural whole grains purposely for giving the dogs optimal nutrition.

Horizon Complete has been formulated to match the global nutritional standards for dog food. Some of its ingredients contain whole grain, chicken fat, whole grain barley, and chicken meals.

9. Holistic Select

This dog food is dedicated to reach the highest levels of dog food safety standards. Designed for adult dogs, Holistic Select provides a rich source of high-quality ingredients necessary for stronger and healthier dogs.

It is designed for easier digestion, thanks to the fiber in it that facilitates the movement of food along the digestive tract.

Some of its key ingredients are deboned turkey meat, chickpeas, flaxseed, pea protein, and lentils.

10. Fromm Gold Holistic

The dog food is ideal for active adult dogs. It is prepared from lamb, chicken, duck and whole eggs. The dog food is also enhanced with probiotics for purposes of aiding digestion.

Other notable ingredients of Fromm Gold Holistic include brown rice, dried tomato, chicken fat, dried whole egg, and salmon oil.

The Bottom Line

What you feed your canine mate matters a lot. It can either make or break his health. Therefore, ensure your dog is fed with healthy foods that can guarantee him good health for many days down the path.