Top 10 Hill Climbing Shoes Review

Looking for some excitement into the wilderness? Then hiking, mountain climbing, camping or backpacking will be favorable options and you need various outdoor recreation gears like hill climbing shoes for those events. Though, what you will pack for each outdoor event is different but there are some common outdoor recreation gears those you must have. Outdoor events in the wild are always fun and exciting but you should prepare well enough to survive in the wild.

Best Hill Climbing Shoes

Best Hill Climbing Shoes Review

Popular outdoor activities in the US include hiking, camping, hunting, mountain or hill climbing, surfing, swimming, running, mountain biking etc. All these events require special attention and preparation both physically and mentally. If you are planning to be hiking or mountain climbing or camping or hunting for a few days, you must prepare to live into the wild for a few days. Living only by yourself or a small group in the wild coming from the urban areas will take its toll but you should enjoy the thrill and excitement it offers.

You will require different set of gears for different types of outdoor event but the most common of then are the shoes. Whether you will be hiking, camping, trekking, mountain climbing or hunting, you will require hill climbing shoes. Because, you may have to hill climb while hiking, camping or hunting because there can be hilly terrain where you are organizing your event. So, you should buy specific hill climbing shoes or other specific shoes those are good enough for climbing.

Hill Climbing Shoes Comparison

La Sportiva Rock Climbing ShoeWomenLeatherRubberView on Amazon
Evolv Men's Defy – WomenWomenSyntheticRubberView on Amazon
Butora Endeavor Climbing ShoeWomenSyntheticRubberView on Amazon
CLIMB X Rockmaster Climbing ShoeMenLeatherRubberView on Amazon
La Sportiva Oxygym Climbing ShoeMenSyntheticRubberView on Amazon
Climb X Rave Climbing ShoeMenLeatherRubberView on Amazon
evolv Men's Shaman Climbing ShoeMenSyntheticRubberView on Amazon
CLIMB X E-Motion Climbing ShoeMenRubberRubberView on Amazon
Realtree Men's Shark Climbing ShoeMenSyntheticSyntheticView on Amazon
Scarpa Men's Force V Climbing ShoeMenLeatherRubberView on Amazon

There are many different types of hill climbing shoes to choose from with different prices and facilities. If you don’t know what you need for the event or what you will face on your journey then you will face problems. If you choose by design or style not by requirements, comforts, usefulness and effectiveness of the hill climbing shoes then you will suffer dearly while on your journey. You should be mindful and thoughtful to choose your gears.

So, to solve this problem, we research a lot about hill climbing shoes and their materials, effectiveness, features and then choose the best 10 hill climbing shoes for you. There are specific designs and styles for hill climbing shoes for men and hill climbing shoes for women. So, we created this top 10 list, containing first three for hill climbing shoes for women and then the rest seven for hill climbing shoes for men. We hope, that you like our post, and if this top 10 list helps you make decision about your hill climbing shoes we will be happy knowing that our effort isn’t gone in vain.

Hill Climbing Shoes for Women

La Sportiva Women’s TarantuLace Performance Rock Climbing Shoe

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For our first and best pick as hill climbing shoes for women we choose the La Sportiva Women’s TarantuLace Performance Rock Climbing Shoe. It is not just the good rock climbing shoes for women but it is the best there is. The shoes are made of pure leather to provide the best comfort and perfectly fit for all sizes. These shoes don’t have Velcro, instead they have lace, and you can use the quick pulling system to tighten the lace for controlling the fittings and comfort the shoes provide. The soles are made of FriXion RS super sticky rubber and the RN45 shpae of the shoes are the best for protecting the toes and providing best comfort.

The edging is perfect for climbing, you will get to know small change of mountain wall and edges through them and they will fit perfectly on small tip of a rock without harming your feet. These pair of shoes will provide extreme comfort all day long and you can wear it for your daily life, gym, running and other activities. The material is lather combining with synthetic fibers to provide extra ease of use and comfort. This hill climbing shoes for women are durable and longer lasting than regular rock climbing shoes.

Evolv Men’s Defy – Women

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Evolv Men’s Defy is our second choice for our hill climbing shoes for women list. These shoes are specifically crafted for women who want to feel and enjoy their mountain climbing or rock climbing activity while wearing comfortable and suitable climbing shoes like the men. Men’s shoes are always fit perfectly because men have different feet and toe shapes than women. Women have smooth and sleek feet and toes so they need shoes accordingly. Evolv concentrated on providing best rock climbing shoes for women those will be perfectly fit for women like the men.

This is a 100% synthetic made shoes for women where the sole is high friction rubber made. The design of the shoes is Asymmetrical to be fit on the toes and feet. The lining is made of nylon where it has Velcro system instead of the lace so wearing and fitting on the feet will be easier for beginners and medium range climbers. The front toe area is thick using VTR rand to provide extra care and safety for the toes. The Evolv Men’s Defy shoes are completely made in the USA and only the raw materials are imported from foreign country.

Butora Endeavor Wide Fit Climbing Shoe – Women’s

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Butora is in the shoe manufacturing business for quite a while and their Butora Endeavor Wide Fit Climbing Shoe – Women’s are their best product as climbing shoes for women. If you compare this shoe with the other two then you will find that all three are good quality and providing comfort and safety for the wearer on their use of the shoes, is their main concern.

Organic helm fabric is used for lining to provide minimal stretch while reducing the odor development. The foot bed is made of split leather using moisture wicking facility to provide custom fit and comfort for the wearer. The midsole is made of uneven polyurethane for precision edging and torsion rigidity. The sole is made of butyl Butora F5 rubber and 100% super sticky. For aggressive fit choose half sizes but for comfortable fit choose full sizes.

Hill Climbing Shoes for Men

CLIMB X Rockmaster Climbing Shoe with FREE Climbing DVD ($30 Value)

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CLIMB X Rockmaster Climbing Shoe with FREE Climbing DVD ($30 Value) is our top choice for the hill climbing shoes for men. It has all the features, materials, designs and facilities to be the best climbing shoes. The whole shoe has extensive design and style uniqueness and perfectly fit for all types of climbing.

Made of pure leather and rubber combination to provide extra comfort and agility for its wearer. The 3D molded rubber heel has best facility for hooking and descend threads. The food bed material is organic hemp that is the best material for foot bed and it will reduce the odor creation process for the shoes and the smell will be good for a long time.

The ankle cuff is padded and the leather is center cut and really high grade material to create best quality climbing shoes. High quality rubber made sole is good for climbing and keeping the feet safe and sure. The shoe front is thick to provide better comfort for the toes. You can buy both aggressive fit and comfortable fit version of the shoes.

The package comes with free climbing DVD worth about $30. This DVD is highly effective for people who have less to none climbing knowledge and experience. Even experienced climber can learn a thing or two from this DVD so this whole package is good for all beginner, medium and pro climbers.

La Sportiva Oxygym Climbing Shoe – Men’s

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Looking for colorful, stylish and exceptional designed climbing shoes for men then our second pick, the La Sportiva Oxygym Climbing Shoe – Men’s will be your perfect choice climbing shoes. There is any type of lather using in this shoe. The whole shoe is made of high quality pure synthetic material. The external fabrics created of 3 layered wash tex keep shoes hygienic and clean. Moisture wicking is allowed using internal fabric, and the internal fabric is breathable and soft.

If you want a pair of climbing shoe, that will stay strong and keep your feet and toes secure and safe while providing the best comfort, then La Sportiva Oxygym Climbing Shoes is for you. Because it is super comfortable on extended using. the rubber made sole is good enough for providing the safety and agility for the users. The loop closure and patented hook system will make personalization fittings easy and safe for the users.

Climb X Rave Climbing Shoe with FREE Climbing DVD ($30 Value)

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Climb X Rave Climbing Shoe is another high-quality climbing shoe of Climb X. They are famous name for manufacturing world class hill climbing shoes. The Rave Climbing shoes are made of pure leather with perfectly fit rubber sole. The center cut leather is perfectly produced from high quality animal skin leather, so the leather is 100% organic and provide best comfort available from any leather shoe.

The shoe tongue is made of mesh, makes the shoe tongue breathable and comfortable for the user. There will be no bad odor produced from the shoe because the foot bed is made of organic hemp. The Rave model of Climb X differs from the Rockmaster model by their unique design and style. The Rave model comes with free climbing DVD too that has a value of $30 so you will be thrilled to learn more from the DVD along with the high-quality rock climbing shoes.

evolv Men’s Shaman Climbing Shoe

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as a renowned name for rock climbing shoe manufacturer, evolv always produces first-class shoes with best fittings for all the sizes available for all their shoe models and evolv Men’s Shaman Climbing Shoe is one of their best hill climbing shoes. This shoe doesn’t have any leather on it, it made of pure synthetic. The sole is made of rubber to make this shoe durable and sturdy.

The performance of climbing will increase wearing this shoe and you will feel like having the best comfortable ride on the mountain. Any hilly or rocky terrain activity will be perfect with this shoe and there are not many shoes that can compete with it by performance or comfort. Asymmetric design along with knuckle box made of first-class TRAX high friction rubber. Toe rand has variable thickness with VTR3D. the toe patch has high friction capability to make this one of the safest hill climbing shoes on the market.

CLIMB X E-Motion Climbing Shoe with FREE Climbing DVD ($30 Value)

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The E-Motion Climbing Shoe is another popular rock climbing shoe model of Climb X and like the other two models of Climb X of our list, this model is also a first-class climbing shoe. Unlike the other two models, this shoe is made of pure rubber so you can use it easily on water or in rainy condition without having a second thought of ruining the shoe body or sole. The sole is also made using quality rubber and as an aggressive fit climbing shoe, it has no equal.

The liner is made of hemp along with padded ankle cuff and it will prevent creation of bad odor for longer period. The edging power of this shoe is extreme and the 3D molded rubber heel will produce best performance for hooking. It has no lace but rubber straps and the straps are good for quick wear and fit the shoe as you see fit. Overall this rubber climbing shoes are better than many other of this type of rock climbing shoes.

Realtree Men’s Shark Climbing Shoe

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Looking for shoes those have regular shoe looks along with climbing facility then Realtree Men’s Shark Climbing Shoe will be the best for you. This is a hill climbing shoe that has looks of regular shoes and they are perfect for climbing and hiking. It can get dry fast so rainy environment will not be a problem with this shoe. It has lace instead of strap but you can use this shoe’s fast lacing facility to fit the shoe on your feet.

This is a man-made shoe with synthetic sole with mesh upper that provides best breathable condition for the shoe. The nylon webbing is made of Realtree max5 provides better comfort and agility for the wearer. Comparing to other models of this type shoes, it is exceptionally lightweight, and the traction point is made of pure rubber. It provides safer mudguard and toe protection and higher stability with heel support. Imported from China with prime condition.

Scarpa Men’s Force V Climbing Shoe

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If you want hill climbing synthetic shoe with mid-range price along with best comfort and stability then Scarpa Men’s Force V Climbing Shoe can be a better choice or pick for you. The body of the shoe is leather made while the sole is rubber made. The V-Tension Low Charged Active Randing provides quality services all day long while conserving energy. The durability and incredible grip of the edge is unquestionable using Vibram XS Edge technology.

This is a better pair of shoes, that will provide satisfactory result and great feelings throughout the day. The mesh tongue is padded and heel cup is snugged to provide extra security and comfort for everyday uses. The best part of this shoe is its dual strap closure and it will provide easy and swift adjustability for the users. This hill climbing shoes are foreign made and imported and satisfy all the quality and stability checks from the authority.